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Right after the picture of Carlieana was shown during the night, Kade told me to go to sleep, it took me awhile to fall asleep but when I did, I kept sleeping until something jolts me awake, a canon.

I look around me but I can't really see much, it's still dark, pretty dark. I can barely see Kade's figure moving a bit, and I only could see him because he talked to me and I focused on where his voice came from.

"It's okay, nothing is going to happen." Kade says to me.

Kade moves closer to me, knife in hand and he is pretty alert. I am no longer sleepy and I have sat up by now. The dead tribute may be pretty far from me, from us, but every time the canons go off, it's nerve wrecking. It's like they remind you where you are and why and what you have to do. It's like a reminder that you may be the next one, that the next time a canon goes off it may be for you.

Way to start the nineteenth day, with a death. I bet the Capitol citizens are more than happy with the increase in deaths and kills lately, things have gone way too slow since the Games started, it is about time to change that around, and it also means all of the remaining tributes are closer to go home, every time someone dies, we, the living remaining tributes, have more chances of winning.

And now, with only ten tributes left, each one of us have ten percent of chance to win, that ten is much better than the four we all had when no one had died.

The probable dead person may be one of the tribute from District 1 or 6, who still have both their tributes, it could also be one of the girls from the girls' alliance, Maisha or the boy from 12, Caius. Of course, the people that are alone have more probabilities to be killed, so there are more chances it can be either, Maisha or Caius, who are both alone, everyone else has a partner.

Some way or another, the girls' alliance has to be broken. If more people keep getting killed and they are still together that may be a big problem. I really hope something happens to their alliance soon.

Kellen and Tabitha also worry me, they are strong and they are Careers. Of course Kade and I are also Careers, and we are also two, just like them, but who would win if we fight against each other? I don't want to know, but at least Divya is gone, she wanted more than anything to kill me.

About two or three hours pass until it starts to be a bit lighter, here in the arena. I wonder how many people missed that death, the people from the Capitol are lazy and usually wake up at 10:00 or even later than that, so being up at 3:00 or 4:00 it's not really like them.

Kade and I eat our breakfast, I keep eating the fruit from the Capitol Brutus sent me, it has almost run out, I probably only have for later and tomorrow morning, no more than that but that's also good because I doubt it can last any longer so I don't complain.

After we are done Kade and I resume our journey, there is a light drizzle but not enough for us to fill our almost empty bottles, but it makes the ground a bit muddy and hard to walk on.

We finally reach the place where I was attacked. We both look everywhere for my backpack. We search every corner, every place, behind all the bushes, below all the dead leaves that have fallen these last days, absolutely everywhere between where I was attacked and where Kade found me.

It has been about six or even more hours and we are exhausted by now, so we eat some of the cooked vegetables I still have, and Kade also eat some fish that he still has, I still haven't told him I'm a vegetarian and it seems like he has no idea about it.

We look a bit more around the place, the sun has started to set so the light is duller and duller with every minute passing by.

"Dan?" Kade says softly.

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