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"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."

- Charles Spurgeon

I open my eyes and groan as I realize I only have ten minutes until I have to meet Finnick for the training session. I practically jump out of bed, grab a banana and eat it while I am inside the lift. I realize I still have Finnick's jacket on from last night, so right before going into the gymnasium I take it off quickly, feeling a cold breeze as soon as I do it.

The gymnasium lights are already on and as I walk in I see Finnick drinking a cup of black coffee, looking as sleepy as I do. He smiles at me as soon as he sees me.

"Hey." I say softly before handing him his jacket.


He smiles at me and takes his jacket from my hands. Then his smiled changes, it is more like a playful smile or a smirk, yeah, I think it is a smirk.

"It's warm." He says softly with an innocent tone.

I feel myself blushing madly in just a matter of a couple of seconds. I feel my blood boiling inside of me. He knows. He knows I have just used it. I don't say anything and neither does he, but he doesn't need to do it, his smirk and his sea green eye say it all. I turn around in embarrassment, so my back's facing him now.

"So what are we doing today?" I ask him, trying to sound eager and maybe that way he would forget about the jacket.


"Run?" I ask in disbelief.

"I'll chase you, and you'll try to escape. And if I do catch you, you will have to break free from me."

I am not eager anymore. Running. My body and mind aren't ready for that kind of activity at this time, it's so early, and I'm definitely not ready after only sleeping about four hours. I don't whine, though, I only nod at him.

"Alright." I say. "When do we start?"


As I start to take off he puts his cup of coffee and the jacket I gave him on a table and starts to run after me. I imagine the tribute from 11 is chasing me instead of Finnick and that I am already in the games, running for my life. That must make me run faster.

Somehow Finnick had mounted together different scenarios, how? I have no idea. The first is a place with no vegetation at all, so my only option is to keep running, I can not hide anywhere, if the arena will be like this it will be hell. Then the second scenario has a few trees I could climb, so I do it. The next scenario is a mountain, I run up like there is no tomorrow, which is very, very tiring. Finnick catches me without much of an effort that time, I fight or try to, but if we were in the games, I would have already died.

We do it over and over again, I managed to not get caught a few times, especially when I can climb or hide. I'm not as lucky other times, Finnick gets to catch me but I succeed in escaping. There are some other times, most of the times to say the truth, when Finnick catches me but I don't make it out. The very last scenario is something like a lake, we are both in the water, I try to swim as fast as I can but of course I have no chance against Finnick in that kind of terrain. He catches me in only a matter of seconds.

"You know I can't compete against you in the water." I tell him as I get out of the water, he follows me out of the it quickly.

"Yeah, but it was fun." He says.

"Yeah it was." I say smiling.

As he smiles back to me I walk closer to him, and when I am close enough I push him back into the water. He obviously didn't see that coming. I burst out laughing, especially when I see his expression when he resurfaces.

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