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After about forty minutes of doing nothing but lying in bed, I have to move or I will fall asleep. My eyes start to close and it gets harder to fight that. A part of me wants to stay in bed but my other knows that is not good, so I stand up and start to pace since there is nothing else I can do.

There is no way I will walk out of my room and have a conversation of manners with Enebry or risk being seen by Brutus and being told I have to make an alliance or I will die. I wouldn't mind talking to my prep team and Carlyne, even though they are from the Capitol, I like them. They are really nice, too vain and too innocent, but still nice.

I keep pacing and looking out of my window every now and then, looking and studying the people from the Capitol that walk by. All of them wear crazy outfits and some have used weird dyes on their skin. I saw a girl with blue skin, blue hair and blue clothes, I know I'm not an expert but even I can say that didn't look good.

Then I look at my bed, which is crinkled because I lied down and stayed on it for almost an hour. And I see Finnick's jacket on one of my pillows. For some reason the avox that makes my bed and tidies my room hasn't taken the jacket and wash it like they have done with all the clothes I have worn, I'm glad of it because it wouldn't have Finnick's scent any more, and I have not seen again any of the clothes I have worn. The avox does everything they have to do, and then leaves the jacket on the bed, on the same spot I always put it on. It's like the avox knows that jacket means something to me.

The jacket reminds me of Finnick and our conversation earlier, if I win the games that jacket will be mine. Finnick had actually given it to me. And as I think about it I remember I have to meet him soon. 10:15 a.m., I only have about forty-minutes until our training session.

I hesitate for almost twenty minutes or so and decide it's better to leave my room now, I see almost everyone in the dining room or the living room, I smile at them and go to the dining room, where they have this table with lots of food if you get hungry during the day.

"It's a bit late dear." Enebry says to me. "I think it is time for you to change into something more acceptable. It's not very ladylike to wear pyjamas all day."

"I will shower and change in five minutes." I tell her. "I will only eat something."

I look down at myself and sure enough I'm wearing what I always wear to sleep, shorts and a shirt. Great, I always forget to change. Somehow, I'm wearing some tennis shoes. I don't remember putting them on, but I'm glad I did, at some time.

Enebry goes back to talk to Lyme and Polish, which I'm glad because they are no longer paying attention to me. I grab a banana and take a bite, I look all around me, and everyone seems like they are not really paying attention to me. Brutus is talking to Ryle's prep team. Viola and Trenk are talking about fashion, Carlyne and the other stylist, Lasandra, are watching a movie or something.

I walk casually to the door, making sure no one is looking at me. I take another bite of the banana, I keep walking. Just as I touch the knob of the door and take a last glance, I see Carlyne looking directly at me. I have a panic attack inside.

'I'm caught, damn. He's going to tell everyone or he is going to stop me from leaving or he will question me.' I think.

All that kind of thoughts come to mind, but Carlyne doesn't do any of that. Instead, his thin lips turn into a smile and he mouths me 'Go', I'm a bit confused but don't think about it much. I go back to my senses and leave the apartment, I wait for the lift and get inside of it without being seen by anyone else. I actually make it to the gymnasium without bumping into anyone or being seen. I'm glad.

I wait for about ten minutes, in that time I stretch a bit. My muscles are still sore but not as much as they were after my first training, they are recovering. The more I use them, the less sore they are. Sometimes a new muscle I haven't used before gets sore, like the time I ran when Finnick chased me. My legs were so sore after that.

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