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I wake up to the nice sound of birds singing, it is quite enjoyable, that is until I remember I cried myself to sleep last night as my heart broke.

There are three people in this arena including me, Kellen and Kade are somewhere, maybe just a mile or less from me. Rhiane died yesterday, the redhead beauty from District 6 is finally gone, leaving the two guys that saved my life in here, one once claimed he was in love with me, the other is probably my best friend now and both have to die if I want to go home, I will have to kill one of them, if not both to get out of here.

I would do anything to change this situation, I would rather have Maisha or Zane, or even Divya instead of those two, because even though they were terrifying and good competitors I didn't get attached to them, I didn't feel anything for them besides fear.

District 1, 2, and 4, Careers districts, are the ones left, out of the twelve districts that started these Games. Twenty-one kids are dead and unfortunately there will be two more.

It wasn't until I saw Rhiane's picture in the sky meaning her death that I realized how much I do care about Kellen and Kade and how much I wish the three of us could get out of here and be crowned as victors but only one can get out alive.

I force myself to eat a bar and drink water to have energy for the day, I don't have much left but these Games won't last long so I don't really need to save anything.

It is around 10:00 a.m. when I feel like I'm not alone anymore, I know the vultures are still out there but this feels different, I turn around and sure enough I'm not alone. It's not Kade or Kellen, though, but it's probably even more lethal than them put together.

Right in front of me, there is a big lion, a mutt lion, he has bright reddish brown eyes and I can tell he wants to rip me to pieces. I feel like there is no enough air to breath and like if I'm glued to the ground. I can't move, will this be my end?

The lion roars with all his might and that's like a wake-up call, I turn around in less than a second and I start running with all I have. I can feel the lion's breaths right behind my neck, if that is even possible, I can hear his every move, he is right behind me, I don't see him, I don't even dare to look behind me but I just know he is there.

And as I run for my life, little do I know that Kellen is being chased by four monkeys and Kellen is also being chased but by abnormally big squirrels, or by some kind of mutt that looks a lot like a squirrel.

Many thoughts cross my mind, including many memories of Finnick, including the last time I saw him. He told me I was going to get out of here alive, so at least I must try, I escaped Divya, Angelique, Serena, Ira, Delaney, Carlieana, a volcano eruption, I can escape now, this lion must not kill me.

So I run and run until I reach the edge of the savannah, but I realize it too late and I fall and roll down the paving kind of hill. It does hurt, but it is over soon. I land on my back so I can look up, right where I fell from, the lion is looking at me in a weird way, maybe satisfaction? I can't tell for sure, but he kind of nods and turns around and walks away, at least he didn't jump and come for me.

As soon as the fear from the lion vanishes, I feel the pain from all my body. I have cuts and I will bruise in a few hours all over my body, sitting up is very painful but I must move. If Kellen or Kade finds me like this I will be dead before a blink of an eye.

This part of the arena has living trees, they are not as many as in the rainforest and not as tall but it's not like the savannah part where there were no trees at all.

I keep walking and walking, but really slow, my whole body aches and unfortunately I don't have my cream for cuts since I left my bag behind, it was that or being eaten by the lion and I don't know if I will be able to climb back up to the savannah, and the lion might be up there so I rather not go back.

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