Chapter XXIX

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I go to my room feeling really down, I only have about twenty-four hours until I go into the arena, I shudder as I think of it.

Fifteen seconds after I go into my room I hear a knock on my room. I fight the urge to tell anyone who is there, especially if it is Ryle or Enebry, to just go away. I just want to shower, not deal with people at the moment. Nevertheless, I go to open the door and I give a sigh of relief when I see it is not Ryle or Enebry.

"Good morning." He says to me. "Don't shower, just change into clean clothes, go to eat breakfast and I'm afraid you will spend the rest of the day with me."

"Are you sure you don't want me to shower?" I ask him, making him chuckle.

"It will be a waste of time, your prep team will shower you again, and they will leave no dirt or anything on you." Carlyne says to me.

"I can't wait to see my dress." I say to him.

"Only a few hours and you will." He says with a smile and leaves.

I close the door again and take all my clothes off, they are wet and already cold. I grab a pair of 'normal' light yellow trousers and a blue 'plain' shirt. I feel a bit weird, I look so different but I'm sure Viola, Trenk, and Polish would not approve of me wearing pyjamas, especially those shorts I always use, and if Enebry sees me she won't shut up about it.

I go to eat breakfast, and try not to think I will not be here tomorrow because it makes my stomach upset, instead I try to think about the time in the roof with Finnick, about the shooting star we saw. I wished that if I won I would never be alone, never. Thinking about living a long lonely life it's not really encouraging.

As soon as I finish my breakfast, Viola takes my hand and leads me to my room, which is unrecognizable. All the things they use, I don't even know what they are, are all around my room, it's even scary, what exactly are they going to do to me?

Viola leads me to my bathroom and helps me undress while Trenk is busy checking the temperature of the water of my bath. When the bath is completely full, Viola helps me get in.

"You smell, you know?" Trenk says to me.

"Carlyne told me not to shower."

Viola and Trenk rub hard all over my body with a sponge, after some minutes it starts to burn and turn red. Trenk moves to wash my hair, he does the process twice and at the end he applies a treatment to it and some scent to my hair so it will smell nice and shine.

Viola then hands me a bathrobe so I can put it on, and puts a towel on my wet hair. Then they make me sit on a chair that Polish brought to my room, and they start to work on me.

They check my entire body to see if some hairs have grown, a few have. So they wax my body again, I don't even see the hairs on my legs, arms, stomach, and face but they do, so they do that painful process again, but since there are not so many hairs this time, it hurts a lot less. By the end of it my skin is even redder.

After they have removed every residue of wax left on my body, Viola starts to do my toenails, while Trenk applies some kind of cream to my face and neck. He says he will apply another cream later on my whole body because my skin is too dry, and it will help my skin nourish and look healthy. Polish dries my hair with the towel first and then uses a hair drier. When he is done I look like a lion, my hair is pretty bushy and all over the place, I look horrible but I don't worry about it, I know my prep team will take care of it.

When my hair is dried and Viola has finished doing my toenails, Trenk tells me to stand up so he can apply the cream on my body, and I have to wait five minutes for it to get absorbed by my body before I can put the bathrobe on again. But I'm glad I can have a 'rest' because my butt was starting to hurt.

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