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Third POV

Serena, Ira, Carlieana and Delaney had made up a plan to ambush Maisha and kill her. They had made a good job killing Zane, they all threw knives at him from different angles, the poor boy couldn't do anything, somehow Maisha managed to escape completely unharmed. Serena shot an arrow at Zane, finally killing the huge tribute and ending his misery.

The girls followed Maisha's footsteps for four days, until they finally found her. Delaney threw the first dart, missing terribly. She actually hit Danieka by mistake, even when they hadn't even seen her. Ira threw the second and third dart and she did have good aim, at least better than Delaney's.

The people of the Capitol was entertained again, last time the girls succeeded at killing Zane, they thought they were going to succeed again, but Maisha managed to escape, even when four poisoned darts had hit her and their poison entered her body and ran in her veins There was enough poison to kill her but somehow she hasn't die.

Danieka on the other hand, was pretty small and thin, she didn't need so many darts to get the same symptoms as Maisha. She fell unconscious only minutes after the attack. It was a miracle the girls didn't find her and kill her.

"Why don't you take a nap, at least?" A dark-haired woman asks.

"I can't, Johanna!" The man snaps at her, it isn't his fault, but lack of sleep has made him really irritated.

"You have slept for only a few hours in more than a week!"

"I'm okay!" He yells.

The man has really dark black bags under his usual bright blue-green sea eyes, but now they aren't shining, they look dead. His blonde hair is a mess, and he has been wearing the same clothes for days, and if it wasn't for Johanna, the victor of last year, he wouldn't have eaten the last few days.

"You can rest for an hour or two." Johanna says lowering her voice so no one can hear them. "Brutus and Lyme are watching her every move, they are her mentors, you can't do anything."

"What if she dies while I'm sleeping?" Finnick says, trying really hard to keep his voice down. "She has been unconscious for about ten hours now, she's vulnerable!"

"I know, but you look awful! Do you know you can die from lack of sleep? I'm not joking." Johanna says sternly. "Sleep for only a couple of hours if you want, I'll watch her if that makes you feel better."

"Wake me up in an hour." Finnick says, giving in. They have had been arguing about this the whole day, and they had argued about the same thing for the last few days as well, Finnick knows better than to keep arguing with Johanna.

"Two hours, now go!"

Finnick goes to his room and falls asleep as soon his head touches the pillow. He has gone more than forty-eight hours without sleeping, and when he does, he only sleeps for an hour or two, no more. He even forgets to eat, he doesn't like the idea of being away from a screen for a long time, so Johanna has brought him food and then she forces him to eat. All he does is going to the bathroom when he really needs it but he barely eats and drinks anything so he doesn't go too often.

Johanna is the only person that knows about Finnick training and mentoring Danieka. She's the only one that knows Finnick doesn't really care about the tributes of his own District, but the female tribute from District 2.

Finnick told her since the second or third day. She didn't pay much attention to it, she saw him talking to the little blonde girl at the Parade but lots of girls talk to him so she didn't really care, but then she saw him going after her on the first day of training, which was quite odd. Girls go after him, not the other way around. He didn't say anything for a while, he kept denying it, but then he admitted he had committed himself to help her, of course, Johanna supported him and didn't say anything against his decision, she even gave him ideas on what to train and that.

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