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"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."

-Charles Dickens

I wake up by my own this morning, I find some black tight trousers on my bed and a shirt of the same material and colour and just as tight. I put them on and walk out of my room. I eat some of the food, making little to no conversation, I'm not in the mood to talk.

They are all discussing about tactics and training, but it is all about Ryle not me. They talk about sponsors, about alliances, about scores, about looking good. Brutus talks to Ryle and just Ryle. They are ignoring me again. I get annoyed of being ignored once again and just can't control my emotions.

"It's our day to train together." I say, interrupting Brutus. "But I don't really care anymore, you can train with Ryle today, and tomorrow and every day, since obviously I'm not good enough to have some of your attention."


"No Ryle, let's accept the truth. I have no chance of winning against you, actually against any tribute for that matter. I'm only a little girl, so Brutus, don't waste your time on me. I may have looked pretty in that parade but looking pretty won't help me in the games. So train him and only him."

"Fine." I hear Brutus saying. He doesn't even try to persuade me, not like if I wanted that.

I leave the room and lock myself in my bedroom. My mentor doesn't even care about me. My parents didn't either. I stay in my bedroom until Enebry orders me to come out and go with her.

Our first training. I have been dreading this moment since I came here. Why? Because I am not good enough with anything, everyone will notice and laugh and target me at the games.

Enebry leads Ryle and me to the gymnasium, which is underground. The tributes from 1,4, and 10 are already there. The two tributes from 7 join us soon after we arrived.

"Hello Danieka." Kade greets me as soon as he sees me.


I am relieved to not be alone, since Ryle has left me all by my own as soon as Enebry left us. Kade introduces me to the girl of his District, Divya. She is my height but toned and she isn't as thin as me, they both are really nice.

The twenty-four of us are all gathered together as the head trainer, Atala, gives us a speech, and as soon as she is finished, every tribute goes to a station to practice. The careers, Tabitha, Kellen, and Ryle claim the weapon stations. They mostly throw knives, they fight against a dummy with a sword, and throw spears.

I am lost. Where can I go? I look to my left and the station next to me is empty. It is about learning about plants and insects, poisoned and edible ones. Something I really have no idea about. I study them for two hours.

Then I move to the 'camouflage' station. The trainer there commented I wasn't that bad, which made me smile. I also manage to make a fire.

Before I know it, it is time for lunch. Everyone put their weapons in their places and hurry out of the room, I am the last one to walk out of there. When I am out of the gymnasium, making my way to the cafeteria, I see a blonde man, probably in his early 40s, Haymitch. I remember him because he's always drunk and makes a fool of himself on live television, the girl that won the Hunger Games last year and him, Finnick, are with him.

Finnick sees me, he probably excused himself because he says something briefly to them before he walks towards me. I panic, I try to pretend I haven't seen him and that I am not running away from him.

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