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I know I shouldn't have gone to see her, at least not too soon but I need to, at least just from afar but I need to see her.

Johanna and I walk about ten minutes until we finally get to the Training Centre, which seems to be completely empty at first, but I know there must be some Gamemakers, doctors, nurses, guards, probably Seneca Crane and some other people.

Behind the normal Training Centre building where all the tributes stay before the games, there is another small building where they keep the victors each year so they can recover and be ready for the interview with Caesar.

"Finnick!" I hear a male voice say.

A tall blonde guy is in front of me a few steps away, walking quite fast towards me and Johanna. As he approaches me I can tell is Carlyne, Danieka's stylist. He has changed since the last time I saw him, he has light blond highlights in his medium-length blond hair and his green eyes seem dull and lifeless.

"What are you doing here?" He asks me in an urgent tone.

Carlyne looks tired and restless but he also looks scared and quite shaken up. I can see in his eyes he knows something and hopefully he will tell me all he knows.

"If someone sees you here – seriously did you even think about it? You can't be seen or people will suspect something is up and that will only bring trouble to you and Danieka."

"I just want to see her, please." I beg.

"You know I don't have that kind of authority here." He says. "You know I would let you see her."

"Just for a second please."

"There is a lot of people up there, too many. Come back either at night or when a few days have gone by, I will tell you how is she doing and all you want to know but please just leave before someone else sees you."

"Speaking of which, is there anything you want to tell me? I know you know something, I can see it."

"I don't know much more than you, Finnick." He lied.

"Come on Carlyne, we know that is not true, please tell me, whatever it is."

"You know how stubborn Finnick is, you better tell him now because you will end up telling him later, anyway." Johanna says, speaking for the first time, Carlyne only sighs, knowing it's true.

"Follow me."

Carlyne walks past Johanna and me, we follow him closely. He walks all the way out of this second building and into the first, he turns to the left and walks inside a semi-empty room, as soon as we are inside he locks the doors and looks around the place before looking back at me, at us.

"Please don't get too alarmed by this, okay? No one is supposed to know besides Brutus, Lyme and I, so you two better keep your mouth shut."

"Alright, what is it?"

"Claudius couldn't announce the winner for that long amount of time because there was no winner for a few minutes."

"What do you mean?" I ask him.

"Don't get crazy, okay? Just hear what I have to say because she is fine now." He says desperately. "Danieka, she died..."

"What!?" I yelled, interrupting him.

"Listen to me. Danieka died about a minute after Kellen died, so the doctors tried to revive her for some time until they tried to revive both when they realized Danieka wasn't coming back but she did, she's alive now and they are treating her, trying to get the poison out of her body as soon as possible."

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