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Danieka's POV

Kade has decided to stay a bit more inside the cave, in case it starts to rain again. But if it doesn't rain after midday we will start moving and go closer to the sea.

It rained for two whole days, maybe two and a half. It reminded me of the three days I spent in this cave due to the same reason, rain. The only difference now is that Kade is with me and several days have passed since then.

We still have a few bananas and nuts we got right before the rain, I'm so glad we found those supplies because we have been feeding on them.

"Let's pack and start moving." Kade says around 12:30.

I start to put everything inside the bag, the food, some weapons, and night vision glasses which I just tried for the first time two nights ago, I also put the rubbish inside the bag so I can throw it out of the cave, I don't want the cave to stink and be dirty if I ever come back here.

I put my hand inside one of the pockets of my jacket and I feel something inside. I take it out and I find something I have completely forgotten and it brings tears to my eyes. It's the necklace Ryle gave me right before he died. It's a thin golden chain with a heart as a pendant, 'Ryle & Zalie' read on the back of it.

"She's the love of my life." I remember Ryle's words when he gave it to me, tears fell down his face, he knew it was his end.

"Dan, are you okay?" I hear Kade's words very distant. The memory is so vivid.

"I'm fine." I whisper without taking my eyes from the chain.

"You are crying."

"I'm not." I say and as I do, one of my hands touches my cheeks and they are wet.

I bite my bottom lip and close my eyes as more tears fall from my eyes but I try to wipe them quickly, all of this isn't fair. How can someone do this to other people? They kill us and affect hundreds of other people. Now Zalie will be alone and their kid will grow up without a father.

"Tell me what's wrong." Kade insists.

"Nothing, I have something in my eye." I say, trying to stop Kade from getting to look at my face.


"I have to pack." I say, avoiding talking any further than this and put the chain inside the pocket again.

"What was that?" He asks me.

"Just a chain." I say.

"You will feel better if you tell me the truth."

"It's a chain." I say as a matter of fact. "I'm not lying."

"What about the whole truth?"

Kade grabs my wrist and turns me around, I look him right into his blue green eyes that are full with concern and care. He does care. I look down to the ground but it is already too late, I can't just not talk now.

"It was Ryle's." I say. "He gave it to me before he died." A tear fall from my eye, Kade wipes it instantly. "He told me to give it to his fiancée when I win, but I don't know if I will win."

I try to move out of his grip but he is way stronger than me, I take a deep breath so I can stop crying but it is useless.

"Divya killed him." I say, I don't know why I said it, it won't help or anything, it just slipped.

Kade only pulls me into a hug and lets me cry as he tries to comfort me, he can't say anything to make me feel better. We both know we have to see people dying and even kill if we want to go home, but that doesn't mean it will stop hurting, it will always hurt.

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