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It is not until around 9:00 a.m. of the next morning that Kade finally wakes me up. I yawn and rub my eyes for like five minutes, and I still feel sleepy.

I eat some of the fruit I was sent as soon as I wake up. I eat some pineapple and some honey melon. They are both delicious. I offer some to Kade but he claims he has already eaten.

After I'm done, Kade makes sure I'm well hidden and in no danger because he will leave me alone for about an hour, he will go fishing. He doesn't really want to go but I tell him I'll be okay.

Now that I'm alone, there is only silence, I can't even hear any kind of animal this morning, and that makes me feel paranoid and scared for some reason.

I use this time to remember more things, my memory is not totally back yet. I try to recall the names of the fallen tributes and when they died but I can't remember two of them.

Last night we found out the tribute that died around midday was a girl, Delilah Cavey from District 12. She's the twelfth dead tribute, half are dead and half will be dead in the following days.

Delilah Cavey. That name and her picture give me more blurry flashbacks. I remember I followed her, I followed her and Caius, her partner. I stole some of their stuff, their food.

I try to remember if Delilah was part of the girls alliance but I can't really remember that, I think there was a blonde girl, just like Delilah but I'm almost one hundred percent sure that the blonde girl was the girl from 8, Ira, besides she was with Caius.

I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, I wasn't their target, Maisha was, or that was what Kade said. But who knows what would happened if I wouldn't have been unconscious these last days, just maybe I would have been one of the fallen tributes.

Kade returns after about two hours, he brings two big cooked fish, and his smile can't be bigger, he is very proud of what he has caught.

"I made a fire away from here so the smoke doesn't attract the attention of other tributes to us, that's why I took longer than I expected." Kade explains to me. "Here, this one is yours."

I bite my lip but nod at him as I take the cooked fish from his big hands, at least it's cooked. I decide to not tell him I'm vegetarian and besides I have tried to change that to survive.

Kade holds his own fish with both his hands and takes a bite, it looks a bit disgusting but I say nothing, maybe this will be harder than I thought.

An hour passes and I have only eaten about six bites of the fish, I tell Kade he can eat the rest because I have enough food, he doesn't want to but he ends up eating 'my' fish for dinner.

"Kade, do you know where my bag is?"

"No, when I found you there was no bag." Kade says.

"I had more food in there and some weapons." I say. "I also had some night-vision glasses and medicine."

"We can go back to the place where everything happened and look for it."

"Thanks." I say.

"But we will have to do it tomorrow, is already getting dark."

I offer to take the first watch, Kade doesn't look okay with it but I insist, I can be very stubborn when I want to. I'm not really tired, I woke up late and barely walked a bit, I'm actually tired of being on the same spot for the whole day, Kade on the other hand, went fishing, probably swam, cooked the fish, and looks worm out, and he is because he falls asleep only about ten minutes after he lies down.

It is not until the anthem starts to play that he wakes up. We both look at the sky even though we both know nobody died today and sure enough we only see the Capitol Seal, nothing else.

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