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I walk into the apartment as carefully and cautious as I can. Brutus, Enebry, Carlyne, Lasandra and Viola are in the living room, talking and watching something, maybe a series or another movie. The dining room is empty, meaning eight people are in their rooms. If I managed to leave earlier being unnoticed with everyone in the room except Ryle, I can walk in without being seen as well, there are less people.

I close the door really slow so no one can hear, the show they are watching on the screen helps me too. I bend down and hide behind the vase I hid earlier, I really hope this doesn't get into a habit.

I decide the best way to go to the dining room and then into the hallway that leads to the bedrooms is crawling. I take a deep breath, get on all four and start to crawl. I turn to look to my left, and see Viola, Lasandra and Enebry talking among themselves, probably about fashion and clothes, they are also watching the screen every now and then. Brutus is really into that show, and doesn't even blink. Carlyne is next to him, he looks from the screen to the girls and back to the screen, I keep going. I'm almost out of their sight when Carlyne catches me again, his lips turn into a smile showing his white teeth, and he winks at me. He nods at me then, like in a way to tell me to keep going so I do.

Once I'm on the dining room, only the avoxes can see me and they give me strange looks, but they can't really talk and it's not like they care about me. I keep going, crawling to the hallway, this time a bit faster. I don't really care if I make noises now, I'm already inside. Half-way into the hallway, I stand up and start to walk normally.

I reach my room, and when I'm opening the door, Ryle walks out of his room, which is right in front of mine.

"More training?" He asks me, I hear him right behind me.

"None of your business." I say in a harsh tone, I only turn to glare at him for a second before looking at my room's direction again.

"I guess." I hear him whisper and sighing.

"Aren't you going to leave?" I ask, without looking at him.

"Fine, be this way!" He says getting angry.

He shakes his head in annoyance at me, and leaves quickly. I sigh when I can't hear his footsteps anymore. I walk into my room and close the door quickly.

This time I wash my body and hair, it's not like I will train again today, and I have already sweated a lot, I need a shower as soon as possible. Again I leave my wet and dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, this time I take longer on the shower, it's not like I have to do something later, I have the rest of the day to rest and do nothing.

When I'm done, I walk to my room with a towel wrapped around my body and another on my head. I don't really want to wear anything more than my usual shorts and shirt, but Enebry would scold me for sure. I find a beautiful light blue dress in my wardrobe, the fabric is light and it feels nice, I'm not such a fan of dresses but I think it's better than a tight pair of weird-coloured trousers and an extravagant shirt. So I take it out of the wardrobe and put it on, the dress just reaches a bit above my knees and part of my back is exposed. I also find a pair of nice flat yellowish sandals that match the dress, but I won't put them on until I have to leave my room.

I dry my hair with the towel a bit, when I'm done I leave the two towels on the floor next to my bed. Then I lie down and grab a pillow and hug it, it feels pretty nice. This whole place may be awful but the bed is the most comfortable one I have used in my life.

The next think I know is that someone is banging on my door and yelling at me to wake up, this is not a nice way to be awaken, and instantly I get really irritated. I haven't even opened my eyes but I want to murder the person behind that door, whoever it is.

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