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The sun hasn't even completely lit the arena when a canon is fired. Most of the Capitol people lost the action because they hadn't woken up yet. But they will see the replay at night, if nothing else happens.

The canon wakes up the rest of the tributes with only two exceptions, Maisha and Danieka, who are still unconscious.

Finnick has been awake all night, looking if Danieka wakes up. His eyelids were closing when he heard the canon. He opens his eyes and the sleep is washed off from him, he looks desperately at the screen and he is relieved when he sees Danieka is still breathing and seems not harmed at all.

"Who died?" Finnick asks no one in particular.

There are only about half of the mentors in there, they take turns to watch their tributes, and now half of them must be sleeping. There are some exceptions, like in Haymitch's case, when mentors have no partner so they have full responsibility, if he sleeps through a crucial time it could mean his tributes' deaths.

"Your tribute, Finnick." A female voice says.

"What?" Asks Finnick confused.

"The girl." Cashmere says to him.

Finnick hasn't slept well and barely eaten for almost two complete weeks, of course his mind has not been working as it should, instead of acting calm, he desperately looks at the screen, trying to find a shot where he can see Danieka.

"Danie." He whispers softly, gladly no one heard.

Finnick keeps touching several buttons to get an image of Danieka but he is pressing everything at the same time and too quickly that the only thing he manages to do is messing up with the screen, which goes pitch black.

"No fucking way!" He says, he almost never swears but he is very frustrated at the moment.

"Calm down, Finn." Johanna says.

"I have to see her." He doesn't say her name, but Johanna knows he means Danieka.

"She's fine" Johanna mouths to him when he is looking at her.

"What?" asks Finnick, approaching her.

"Danieka didn't die." Johanna whispers.


"Cashmere meant Divya, she was killed by her tributes."

"Divya's allies?"

"You don't know, do you?" Johanna asks him. "You have been too focused on Danieka that you don't know anything about your own tributes!"

"They are fine."

"One is dead."

"Okay, fine! So what happened? What should I know?"

"If you don't care about them, you could at least pretend you do. Your job is to help them when they need something, of course, if you have the money needed." Says Johanna. "Not knowing your tribute died and how she died could make people suspicious, be more careful."

"You are right." Finnick whispers.

"She got into an argument with the boy from District 1, since then everything got really hostile between them and now she is dead." Johanna says.

"Why did they argue?"


"Danieka?" Finnick whispers in disbelief.

"Yeah, apparently you aren't the only one that has a ..." Johanna looks around making sure no one is paying attention to their conversation. "A crush on her." She says lowering her voice.

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