It's not what it look's like!

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Chris's P.O.V.

"Bree?" I asked as I saw her standing in front of my house. "Hello Christopher miss me?" She said in a cold bitter mean tone in her voice. Looking at her just made me want to look away. "What the hell are you doing here?!" I asked in a whisper yell so Alex wouldn't hear me. "What do you mean hubby? I mean this house is mine too, right?" her calling me that made me regret the time we got married together. "Oh who's that your new fuck toy chris?" She said with an evil grin upon her face. I just wanted to smack her right then and there, but I couldn't. I walked out closing the door behind me, leaving me to talk to her in private. "Leave know Brianna." I said not even wanting to look at those eye's I once loved. "Oh so your going to use my full name, okay then Christopher we can play that game. How about I come in my house and you can make that slut get out so we can have some fun." She whispered in a sexy voice to get me to do it, but her calling MY Alex a whore?! Who the fuck does she think she is?!

"Get the fuck out of my house right now you fucking bitch!!" I screamed at her not evening caring who was watching. I hated her so much for what she did to me. She's just a heartless bitch that I loved a long time ago. "Oh so you wanna play the mean guy now and yell at me?" She said laughing with the word's. Ugh! I just want her to leave me the fuck alone forever. Bree grabbed me and smashed her lips to mine making me want to throw up. I could never kiss her. I hated her more than anything in the world. I tried to push her off, but her lips were still on mine. I try harder and then I hear alex sobbing in the door way. Bree stopped kissing me pulling away acting surprised. Yeah right you fucking planned this. "How fucking could you?!" Alex yelled at me trying to keep the tears from pouring out.

"No alex, please baby it's not what it look's like." I say trying to get her to listen to me. She smacked me and ran out onto the street away from us. "You fucking bitch! You planned this whole thing!" I said getting in her face that I couldn't even take her anymore. She might have ruined my relationship with alex. "Please chris. You thought you could get rid of me just like that. I will never let you be happy you pathetic asshole." She said in a cold deep voice. She looked at me then walked away laughing at what she just did.

I run in the house filled with angrier. I grab my key's and lock the door getting in the car to go find alex. I go down the block's and spot a shadow in the distance. I pull up to it and find it's alex crying her eyes out walking. I get out of the car and run up to her. She looks up at me with pain, anger and brokenness in her eye's. It honestly made me want to kill her and I wanted to go die for making her feel like this. "Alex please let me example?" I look at her and grow more mad at myself for doing this. 

She just nods her head telling me yes. "Bree kissed me and I tried to pull her off of me but I couldn't so I tried again and then you were in the door way and she saw that her planned worked and pulled away." "Chris it's fine, you don't have to lie. I don't even know why I got so mad, we're not even together. It's fine." She said looking down at the ground. "No! I want you and only you. If i saw you kissing a guy right after what happened with us together I would be just upset, and I would kill the guy who touched you."

She chuckled at what I had said and it made me feel good to hear her beautiful laugh. "Who was she anyway?" I sighed at what she said. I didn't wanna tell her what happened with Bree in my past. I didn't want her to leave me, but she was either going to stay or leave anyway so I should tell her. "I'll tell you when we back to the house. Come on" I reached out for her to take my hand and she did. We got in the car and headed home. I got out and unlocked the door.

Thirty minutes pasted and I just got done telling her all about Bree. I looked up at her and he face was frozen. "I'm so sorry chris." She got up and came to sit in my lap. "It's okay, it's my past. I have you now, but she never let's me be happy with someone else. I was so scared I was going to lose you Alex." I said with my heart broken even thinking about loosing her. "You'll never lose me baby" She said kissing me. It felt so good to have her lips on mine again. I felt complete with her. "Alex will you my girlfriend?". She looked at me with her cheek's red. "I would love to be your girlfriend." 

I smiled at her, feeling butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating so fast. I finally had her and I almost lost her. I can't ever make that mistake again. I'm in love with Alex.


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