Darling you'll be okay

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Brandon P.O.V.

I heard a scream and got off Chris turning around to see Alex passed out on the floor. I went and picked her up moving her to the couch. Chris got off the floor with blood covering his face. He walked over to Alex and pulled her in his arms. He slowly brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her cheek softly. It was silent and everything felt so messed up. How did this get so fucked up? I was happy. She was happy. The only person that wasn't happy was none other than Chris. Honestly I blamed him for all of this shit. I think it's his fault we're in this mess to begin with. 

I was pulled out of my thought by someone groaning. I looked and saw Alex hold her head with pain. "Alex baby are you okay?" I asked worried going over to grabbed her hand. She looked so confused. Oh god did she forget everything again. "Where am I?" ."Your at my house." Alex looked Chris shocked by the bleed drying on his face. "Oh my god! Baby what the hell happened?" Wait what? Why is she calling Chris baby? "Alex sweetie, what do you remember last?" She thought hard and we could all tell she was having troubling remembering. "Well I remember being in the tour bus. It was right after umm....me and Chris had sex...." ."Fuck!" I yelled getting up and pacing around the living room.

"Did I do something wrong?" I looked at Alex as her face had fallen to sadness. "No baby, it's just you tried to kill yourself two months ago and you forget everything. Now you remember something that happened almost a year ago" Chris explained. "Oh." She whispered looking down at her hands. I sighed and sat down by her head. "Want to know what all happened?" She nodded her head. I looked up at Chris and saw him shake his head that the idea. I knew he didn't want her to know about what happened. But she deserved to know.


About half an hour later Alex was crying in my arms. I felt like shit for seeing her heart broken once again by what Chris did. Chris went to the bathroom to clean his face while I told her. She sobbed hard on my shirt letting her heart out. I kissed her head, while rubbing her back trying to calm her. "Brandon I'm....s...o.....sorr...y" She gasped through sobs. I shhed her, rocking her back and forth in my arms. "Alex's everything will be okay" I pushed her hair to the side looking into her eyes.

I saw the pain right in them. She should never have to feel this way. Chris slowly came down the stairs with his face cleaned up. He had a busted lip and maybe broken nose. Alex looked up at him as he walked over to us. "Alex I'm so sorry." He pulled her in his arms and kissed her head. She didn't fight back she just kept sobbing. "I forgive you" Chris looked down at her and smiled kissing her nose softly. I felt anger boil in my blood. Chris noticed and pulled away from Alex.

 "Chris..what are y.." She turned around and saw my anger. I walked over to the door and walked out. It's hard seeing the girl you love, love someone else. I can't fucking take this amymore. Chris lost his fucking chance with her! She is mine! Chris better back off and move on.

Chris P.O.V.

Brandon walked out just like that. He finally knew how the fuck I feel when he's with her. I looked down and see Alex isn't standing in front of me anymore. I look around and don't see her. "Alex?!" I hear silents. I feel myself started freaking out and I run in every room trying to find her. I stop when I hear crying coming from the music room. I open the door to see Alex crying on the piano. "Oh alex, baby" I walk over to her and sit down rubbing my hand on her back softly.

"Chris did I ever tell you what happened to my family?" I thought about it and shook my head. "You've never talked about them. Why?" ." I lost them when I turned 17." I looked at her with sad eyes. "When I was at school.....my parents were home with my little brother. He was only 3. Anyway, It was during my music class...and...ummm....the teacher got a call from the cops about my parents..." She paused trying to not cry but the tears were coming down. "they said someone broke into the house and tried to rob us....they...k...i..lled....my family" With that she broke down sobbing none stop on my chest. She was gasping for air as she cried.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed laying her down. I pulled her close to my chest rubbing circles on her back. I can't believe she never told me. I just thought she didn't talk to them anymore or something. Her family never came up. I didn't want to make her mad if something bad happened. But god I didn't think something that terrible happened. I felt so bad for her. She lost her family at only 17. It's heart breaking. But I mean is that what happened that was so bad to her and Alex. No. She said she doesn't talk to her older brother anymore. Did he just leave?

I felt Alex breathing calm down and I looked down at her. She was looking at me with broken eyes. "I'm so sorry that happened to you." She gave me a weak smile. I knew she was trying to give me a brave one. But she couldn't fake it this time. I kissed her nose and smiled at her. She blushed. I started kissing all over her face and licked her chin. She giggled the whole time trying to get out of my hold. I moved my hands down and tickled her sides. She busted out into a fit of laughter. I felt my heart skip a beat.

I loved hearing her laugh. It brightened my day. I stopped and looked down at her. She smiled brightly at me stroking my cheek. She ran her thumb over my cuts and bruise's on my face. She leaned up and kissed them gentle. In that moment I just hoped I got her back. I wanted to started my life with her. I knew I wanted to make her my wife. I couldn't bare to lose her again. If she loves me she can be mine. Not Brandon's. I want her all to myself. She's my world, my everything.


Sorry I didn't update. I had the worst writers block ever. It is honestly getting harder trying to come up with the rest of them story. There's going to be a book 2 for this so I just am trying to finish this one first. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Vote and comment C: Bye<3

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