From Motion to Motionless  ↠ Chris Motionless by shitfate
From Motion to Motionless ↠ Chris...by crimson aggression
When a small YouTuber gets noticed by Motionless In White's lead singer Chris Motionless, he strives to meet her. Chris goes head over heels for Mimi, but as Mimi become...
  • chris
  • horror
  • mimi
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Emma and her five step brothers  by jennieN3333
Emma and her five step brothers by jEnNiFeR sHoOK
Emma Stone is just your typical normal 14 year old girl. At least that's what you'd think when you look at her. This blonde hair, blue eyed beauty's dad ran out on her...
  • newfamily
  • youngest
  • luke
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The Bad Boy's My Roommate by OfficiallyLaken
The Bad Boy's My Roommateby Laken Marie
I stepped out the bathroom in nothing but a t-shirt when I ran into someone. I didn't even check to see who it was as I let out a scream. "What are you doing here...
  • drama
  • ricky
  • roommate
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The Special Omega (COMPLETED) by animallover1207
The Special Omega (COMPLETED)by animallover1207
Ashley is an abused omega with a very big secret. When her mate, the soon to be alpha, Ashton rejects her she runs away. That was the last straw. At midnight she packed...
  • heather
  • brian
  • ashley
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Bailando sobre nieve// Miriam² by ladelapeluca
Bailando sobre nieve// Miriam²by ladelapeluca
La estabilidad mas inestable de mi vida, en eso se convirtio miriam rodriguez. MD.
  • miriam2
  • aitana
  • mimiriam
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Mundo vivo | Ragoney by LorenaCiudad
Mundo vivo | Ragoneyby Lorena Ciudad
NUEVO CAPÍTULO CADA VIERNES Raoul sólo quería ayudar a Miriam y Amaia... ¿pero quién puede ayudar a Raoul?
  • bast
  • alternativeuniverse
  • drama
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✔️| ADOPTED BY ALISSA VIOLET. by -herronsbaby
Alissa Violet and Ricky Banks adopt you? "We would never do that to you, we love you" "You love me?" "Yes Kendall"
  • violet
  • alissa
  • ricky
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Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Story) by ShadyCaity
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Stor...by Caity Motionless
I never really was good at the whole dating thing. I've never been in love, and frankly I don't believe in it. In my opinion, dating is just to see if someone is compati...
  • chrismotionless
  • drama
  • ricky
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MIW Facts by jacksonpapillon
MIW Factsby lei
Facts About MIW (Motionless In White) (Sometime their girlfriends, and friends (miw crew, but not really) By @leilSOS✨
  • ghost
  • motionlessinwhite
  • vinnymauro
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O2l imagines/preferences by w0ah5s0s
O2l imagines/preferencesby jojo™
O2L imagines and preferences here. Sorry for the bad grammar. All stories are mine
  • ricky
  • trevor
  • connor
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Daddy's Princess | Deviless by ghosts_kitten
Daddy's Princess | Devilessby Kitty
*This story is DDLG & a genderbend for Ghost* {Deviless | Sitkolson}
  • ricky
  • deviless
  • cerulli
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Ricky Underwood: Amy's Older Sister by SuppyWuppy3468
Ricky Underwood: Amy's Older Sisterby celestial
There are a few Ricky Underwood fanfictions, so I wrote one of my own. All of the characters and plot lines, except my own, belong to the appropriate producers and write...
  • jack
  • leoboykewich
  • annejuergens
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My Past With Mr.Parker.[Re-Posted, Full version and bonus story]  ✓ by XxMiss_SummerxX
My Past With Mr.Parker.[Re-Posted...by Nicole_Lisa ♥
This book is no longer Available on amazon anymore. Copyright @2013. Image-StutterShock/ Nicole.L.Farrell. ( Don't steal) Cover Designed By- Mollie Willson. "True...
  • teacher
  • chase
  • teen
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Their Little Prince (Kuzaless & Cyan) by theonewithnovoice
Their Little Prince (Kuzaless & Cy...by theonewithnovoice
Chris Cerulli is 31 and works at a music shopping in Scranton PA. He was engaged to Angelo for three months and dated six years. You see Chris is a little as in ddlb. Da...
  • ddlb
  • guys
  • ghost
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One Shots [OPEN] by ScrantondailKittens
One Shots [OPEN]by Scrantondail Kittens
miw one shots | gay shit warning | requests open
  • chris
  • horror
  • olson
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Sharing a Dorm With the Bad Boy by OfficiallyLaken
Sharing a Dorm With the Bad Boyby Laken Marie
If you haven't read the first book, The Bad Boy's My Roommate, then stop, don't click on this story, and go read the first story. If you don't care to read the first sto...
  • cameron
  • teasing
  • roommates
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Friends~A NRDD Love story by DanielaLover12
Friends~A NRDD Love storyby Dani:)
Ella Valentine, Mae Valentine's cousin, is new to South Denver Middle School. On her first day, she meets the quads, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. They immediately beco...
  • nickyrickydickyanddawn
  • quads
  • ricky
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Eternally Yours | Cricky by ryanhorrorx
Eternally Yours | Crickyby Ash
Ricky Olson loves his best friend, Chris, and it's completely obvious. He's openly gay to the rest of his band, with him being nicknamed Pansy Boy against his will, and...
  • cricky
  • ricky
  • lgbt
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¿Sabías qué..? Motionless In White. by blue-pickles
¿Sabías qué..? Motionless In White.by ❁─M R. B L U E
Información y algunas cosas que tal vez no sabías de la banda Motionless In White. ☆Se publican cuando se pueda.♡ #583 en DE TODO |9-03-2017|
  • chenzo
  • horror
  • vinny
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¿Verdad o atrevimiento?       [ Warmi ] by mimiot_cf
¿Verdad o atrevimiento? [ Wa...by MimixAlbalia
Después de terminar Operación Triunfo los concursantes se van a una casa rural apartada de Madrid para descansar, sin internet, ni wifi, solo los 16 juntos. Cuando term...
  • ớt
  • cepeda
  • ifridge
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