City lights

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Alex P.O.V.

 After getting ready and got everything me and Chris headed to the car. I ran to the door and jumped right in getting cozy. Chris got in the drivers sit and started up the car. I moved my tiny hand on top of his. He looked at me and smiled. We started heading to the ice skating rink. I hooked up my ipod and scrolled down trying to find "City Lights". That was one of my favorite songs by them. It always helped me calm down and just relax. I found it and pushed play.

'Paralyzed by my envy of the night

I am lost without you here and outside it looks like rain

For the last time, I bleed myself dry tonight

And nothing I could ever write, will help you understand this life

There's so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights'

I sang along and closed my eyes letting the words sink into my mind and clear it out. I felt myself start slipping away in the music. I started going back to when I first heard this song. I use to always play it on the piano when I felt like cutting. As you see that didn't last. I remember going out on top of my roof and just listen to it while looking out into the world. It took me away. It put me in another world. My world. The place I could just take a deep breath and live.

I opened my eyes to see we're parked already. "How long have I been out?". "Ten minutes now." He chuckled looking at his phone screen. I covered my face with my hands shaking my head. "I'm sorry" Chris laughed and pulled my hands down. "You have nothing to be sorry about. It was nice seeing you so calm and happy. You had a smile on your face the whole time."

I blushed brightly. "I do that every time I listen to this song" He raised his drawn eyebrow. "You really love this song don't you" I nodded my head. "This song takes me to a whole different world. I use to play this on piano when I felt like cutting". "Why'd you stop?" I looked out the window and sigh. "I tried to kill myself. After that....I just never played the piano again" He smiled sadly at me. "Well lets get going inside. Yeah?" I jumped out of the car and walked inside the building. Chris came up locking my hand with his. 

We went to the front and payed then got our ice skates. Chris helped me put them on. I told him not to, but him being the sweet heart he is, he had too. "Okay lets go darling" Chris held out his hand for mine and pulled me to his side. We stepped on the ice and started sliding forward. I smiled widely at the feeling again. All the memories of being a kid came back.  "Hey baby, whatcha thinking about?" Chris whispered in me ear from behind me.

"Just thinking of stuff when I was a kid". "Mmmmm" He said understanding. "Well I'm glad it's good ones" I smiled pulling his body to mine. We skated holding hands around the the rink smiling and laughing. He turned around skating backwards. I gasped as he fell on his butt. I broke out in laughing holding my sides. "Hahaha just help me up silly" I kept laughing making my throat and stomach burn.

I took in a deep breath wiping under my eyes. "That was the cutest and funniest thing ever" He shook his head as he tried pushing himself back up on his skates but failing and falling back down on his butt. I laughed as he tried getting up again. "I could use some of my beautiful girlfriends help" 

I held my hand out for him to take it. He did, but as I was trying to pull him up he pulled me down by his side. I yelped to the cold ice hitting my butt. "You goof ball" he smiled and kissed my lips getting up and skating away. I pouted as he left me on the ice. I got up and skated after him. He laughed and started going faster away from me. I knew I couldn't catch him so I just stopped and stood there.

When he was coming to me I started skating away and ignored him. "Awwwe babe. Don't hate me. I'm sorry" I looked past him and kept skating. He put his hands on my hips and stopped in front of me. I tried my hardest not to smile has he started making faces. He kissed my face everywhere and licked my neck. God this boy is going to be the death of me. I still held my ground and still didn't smile.

This time I was winning. "Ugh babe. Come on. Just give in. I want my baby back." I looked over to the side not looking in his eyes. I knew I would give in if I looked. "Alexandria I fucking love you. If you don't look at me I'll punish you and you know what that means." My jaw dropped and I turned to face him. "Your so evil" I sighed poking his belly.

He smirked pulling me to his body. "Well I had to get my love to look at me" I shook my head crunching up my face. He giggled and kissed my nose. "Cutie" I smiled, and blushed just a little. "Why thank you Mr. Cerulli". "Your welcome future Mrs. Cerulli". My body felt like it exploded with excitement. Did he really just say that? "Do you really mean that?" He smiled showing off his white teeth. "Maybe I did....Maybe I didn't"

"Your such a meany butt head"."Should we get going m'lady?"."It's 2013 Chris" He stuck his tongue out and went towards the door. I walked to him and sat down taking off my skates with him. He put his shoes on and took his skates back. "Race you back to the car. Loser has to give a lap dance" he shouted as he ran to the door.

I fucking still had one skate on still. That little shit oh he's going to get it.


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