Memories of a broken heart

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Brandon P.O.V.

It's been almost a week since I have last seen Chris or Alex. God it hurts not seeing her. Chris is just a fucking dick. Like really he's fucking kissing and trying to fuck MY girlfriend. He lost her. He needs to fucking let me have her now. I really needed to see them today. I wanted to so badly rip of Chris's head, but I couldn't. I mean he's still my friend, my brother. I'm just pissed he would betray me like that. Friends are supposed to stick together and not let some girl get in between them. Alex was different though. She was different and smart and had so much passion. She wasn't just some dumb slut trying to get our dicks. She loves with her heart and mind. She's something special.

I finally got up out of bed and got dressed going down to my car to take off to see Chris. I got in my car and called the guys real quick so if stuff got to bad they would being coming to get us off of each other. I want Alex to be there, but then I don't case I don't want her to see what's about to happen. I took off towards Chris's house. I turned on some music to pump me up. I drove into the drive way and got out locking the car behind me. I went up to the door and rang the door bell. 'Relax, don't kill Chris just sit down and have a honest talk'. The door opened widely. Coming face to face with Alex. I felt my heart pound in my chest.

Great she's here...I smiled and walked inside. Chris came down from upstairs and stared at me. I stared at him back. Guess this won't be as I planned. "What do you want?" . "Well I came to talk to you about you backing off my girlfriend" I snaked my arms around her waist pulling her to my body. Chris eyes turned red as he walked to me and pulled her off me. "What the fuck do you think your doing?!". "I'm fucking allowed to fucking touch MY girlfriend Chris!!" I yelled. 

I ran to Chris tackling him on the ground. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" Chris yelled in my face. I pulled my hand back and punched him square in the face. Chris punched me back making me fall onto the ground holding my nose. I got up and felt myself tackled on something hard. FUCK! I Chris hovering over me with blood on his face. Then I felt shape pain in my back. He pushed me in the fucking glass table. Asshole.

"Fuck you!" I screamed pushing him off me and onto the floor. Alex was screaming and crying at us to stop. I punched Chris in the face once again. I heard a crack and knew I just broke his nose. Fuck yeah. Chris tackled me once again on the floor. Bashing my head to the ground. I groaned in pain. He punched me over and over again. I tried fighting back, but I couldn't find the strength. Alex tried pulling Chris off of me, but I knew it was useless. I felt myself just about to black out when I felt Chris get off of me.

I looked through my swell eyes to see the rest of the band here. Thank god. Ricky came over to me helping me stand up, but I had to lean on him for support. My head was pounding and my face was aching from pain. My back felt numb. I was so fucked up. Chris was not as fucked up as me, but pretty fucked up. I looked around to see no Alex. "Hey guys, Where is Alex?" I spoke with shape breaths. They all looked around and shrugged. I worried now. As I was about to go look for her. I felt myself start to get really tired. I knew I wasn't dying but shit I need rest and the hospital.

Alex P.O.V.

After the guys came I left out the door without anyone noticing. I felt myself start to remember everything. About Chris leaving me. Me and Brandon dating. The baby dying. The accident. Everything. I felt so ashamed and gross. How could I do this to them. They're like brothers and I caused them to hate each other. This all happened because of me. I was even more broken than before. My body was numb. I feel nothing. I'm just a memory of a broken heart. I should leave. All I do is cause pain and heart break.

I can't do this anymore to them. I can't ruin they're band. I would hate myself even more and right now I really can't take that. I haven't even noticed someone next to me. I had tears down my face and noises accepting from my mouth. I looked to my left to meet Balz's eyes. He gave me a sad smile pulling me into his chest. "I'm sorry." I felt my eyes water even more. "Don't be. This was none of your fault. It's mine." Balz pulled away and looked at me. "Alex never think this is your fault. You were in a coma and came out not remembering. It's they're fault for doing what they did not yours." I shook my head looking in his eyes.

"Josh it's my fault. This is all my fault. They heat each other because of me." I paused trying to speak through my sobs. "I can't mess up anything more. I remember everything and know I think about stupid I am to hurt them." ."Alex you didn't know! The knew what they were doing. They just didn't care. Let them feel stupid. You did nothing wrong love" I pulled him closer to me and fell into his embarrass. 

"Let's head to the hospital." I looked at him wide eyes. "What?! Why?!" He smirk and grabbed my hand pulling me along. "The stupid fuckers got hurt." I laughed to myself a little bit. Hopefully they are okay though. I really don't want them to be that hurt.


After we pulled into the parking lot we headed in to go see how Brandon and Chris were doing. They had to share a room and I bet that really pissed them off. We walked to the front desk and asked the lady what room they were in. We got their room number and walked to the elevator heading up. We got to their floor and walked to the room. All the guys were there. Brandon had a black eye, busted lip and a bandage around his head. Chris had a broken nose, cut lip and a bruise on his cheek. All eyes turned to me and Balz. Both Chris and Brandon looked away quickly as I made eyes with them.

"Are you two okay? I'm sorry this happened." They both looked at me like I was about to kill them. "Don't be this was not your fault" Brandon nodded his head agreeing with Chris. "And we're just fine. Just a little busted up. Nothing major. I nodded and walked towards them. I looked at both of them and kiss their cheeks. "I remembered everything" They looked at me wide eyes. I sighed and sat in between them. "Look. I love both of you and I'm kinda mad that you guys used me like I was nothing. I didn't remember anything and you should of not tried anything with me Chris." I looked up to him frowning. "Why would you do that knowing I was with Brandon and didn't remember?"

"I'm so sorry. I know it was wrong. I just.....I wanted you to be mine again." I shook my head. "They doesn't give you the right to do that. Now say your sorry to your friend Brandon" He groaned and looked to Brandon. "Sorry" I punched his arms causing him to groan. "I'm sorry Brandon for being a dick to you and trying to get with your girlfriend." Brandon sighed and looked straight at Chris. "It's alright man. I know how you feel. I just felt betrayed by my friend man. Your like a brother to me and for you to do that it hurt."

"Friends?" Chris put his hand out towards Brandon. "No. I think brothers" Chris got up and gave Brandon a bro hug. They pulled away and smiled at each other. "God you two are stupid. Thank youf for making up". We all laughed and started taking off. They were able to go home since nothing was serious. I walked with Ricky and Chris who came in a car together. We all started going back to the house to just spend time together....and probably fix the mess they made. The car was filled with silents. It got my mind wondering about it all.

I felt better knowing they were on good terms. Now just for me to do what I have to do. I don't know if I want to stay with Brandon or not. I mean I love him. I always will. But I'm in love with Chris and always have been. Yes he hurt me, but I'm different with him. I feel like his my soul mate. I guess I just have to take some time to chose. Chris or Brandon?


So wow. I wanted to keep writing, but I can't give away anything. I'll leave you guys with a cliff hanger c: Vote and comment please<3 Love you guys:3

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