Can I stay with you?

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Chris P.O.V.

We stood there not knowing what to do. She doens't remember any of us. I mean she knows us, but she doesn't remember when we met first met her at the signing. I hated it, but at the same time it gave me another chance to make her fall in love with me. Maybe things were getting better after all. "We just have to keep her over night to make sure everything is okay. Tomorrow she will be able to go home." The doctor said. We all nodded and he left us in silent's. 

"So, how did I meet you guy's?" Alex spoke up breaking the awkward silent's. "We all met at your job. We had a signing there." Ricky said next to me. She nodded slowly. "Can you guy's tell me more about us." We nodded and started telling her funny stories. We left out all the drama and all that shit. "So we're all best friends or what?" She smiled brightly. "Well you are all like a little sister...well not to Brandon. He's your boyfriend." Brandon blushed slightly. 

"Wait, me and Brandon are together?" We nodded and she smiled bigger. "Can we get some time alone." Brandon said shyly. We all nodded and walked out the door to give them some room.

Alex P.O.V.

The guy's all left the room to give me and Brandon time alone. I was nervous. I mean I guess he is my boyfriend, but I don't remember anything. "I'm so happy your awake. I was scared you weren't going to make it" he said softly. "I'm sorry for making you guy's worry"."It's not your fault. Don't be" I smiled up at him and giggled. "What's so funny?"." I was just thinking about how cute you are" I said shyly. I felt embarrassed. "You're cute yourself darling" I blushed and looked down at my hands messing out with my thumbs. 

" You always look down when you blush or get nervous. I love that about you". "Haha that is a lie. I am not cute." He pulled my hand and pulled me closer to him. "You're fucking beautiful Alex. Never forget that no matter what." He leaned in and kissed me softly on my cheek. This feels to good to be true.


Today was the day I got to go home. I mean where ever that was now. The doctor said I should stay with someone and I should be careful and watch what I do. I shouldn't be alone I guess. The guy's said I could go home with any of them. Which ever one I feel most comfortable with. Everyone think's I should go home with Brandon since he is my boyfriend.

But I mean I feel so comfortable with Chris. I don't know why, but I feel so safe around him. I kinda wanted to stay with him, but I don't know how to tell him. I don't want him to freak out and think I'm weird. " So Alex who do you want to go with?"."Umm...if it was okay...I...ummm...kinda....wanted to go with...hmmm..Chris.." Chris looked at me shocked. "You want to stay with me?". "Can I stay with you?"

"Yeah of course you can".  I looked over to Brandon and felt bad. I saw the hurt in his eyes. I knew they weren't telling me something about what has happened since I met them. I was going to ask them, but I decided to just wait until I get more use to them being around. "Okay well we brought you some clothes so you can go change and then we will go sign you out" Devin said as they all started walking out to leave me some time to change.

I looked down at the clothes in my hands and I had one of my many Motionless in white shirts, ripped white jeans, black lace thong and bra. I found it funny how they brought a motionless in white shirt. Weirdo's. I got dressed and tried to comb out my hair with my hands as best as I could. They brought me a tooth brush so I was at least happy about that.

I got done and made my way out the door. All the guy's were chatting about some random stuff. They all turned towards me and smiled brightly. "Looking hot Alexandria" Balz said to me with a wink. I chuckled and poked his side. "You're not to bad yourself hot stuff". We all laughed and made our way to the front desk.

"Hi honey what do you need?" The old lady asked at the desk looking over the computer screen. "I wanted to sign out."." What's your name sweetheart?" ."Alexandria lee koehler" I whispered over the desk. I hoped the guy's didn't hear. "Oh here you are sweetie. just sign here and you can go" I nodded and signed the paper giving it back to her. "Okay that's it. Have a nice day." ."Thank you. You too."

We started heading to the car's. "So ummm...about your last name" Ryan said walking beside me. Oh shit. "Yeah, what about it?" ." Are you by any chance related to Alex koehler?" I knew this was coming. "Ummm...yeah...he's um my brother.." ." How come you never told us?" ." We don't talk anymore. Not after it happened." ."What happened?" Ricky asked hyperly. "That's something I will tell you someday." They all nodded in understandment.

We all said our laters and byes and me and Chris got in his car. "We can go to your apartment first and get all your stuff. I nodded and we started heading to my place. Don't ask don't tell came on and Chris went to go change it, but I stopped him. "Chris it's fine. I still listen to them." We moved his hand and put it back on the wheel. I turned it up a little more.

He really isn't my brother... he's something else to me, but I wouldn't tell the guy's I had to lie. I still listen to his music. I have always liked them. What happened between me and Alex is something I keep between me and him. I will one day tell them, well maybe. I just don't know when. I didn't even tell Ryan about him. I know I knew him for like years, but still kept it a secret. It was my secret. 


I know this chapter wasn't the best, but I try. Anyway. Vote and comment. See what happned with Alex and her. Bye guys<3

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