Can I be honest with you Alex?

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I heard ringing coming from the side of me. I look to see it's the alarm on my phone going off. Ugh! Work today. I didn't feel like getting up and talking or seeing anyone today. I got up out of bed wishing I could just sleep forever and never wake up. I grabbed my 'R.I.P Mitch Lucker' shirt and my black ripped jean's and my bra and thong, heading to the bathroom to get ready. I stripped out of my clothes and turned the water on hot. I got in feeling the hot water run down my body. It hurt at first, but it felt good at the same time, so I just left it that way.

I heard my phone start playing the song 'Sinematic' by motionless in white. I got out of the shower rapping a towel around my naked body. Not even looking at the screen I answered it. "Hello" I said to who ever the hell was calling me. "Hey it's Chris, I was just wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out today. You know if your not to busy." Chris spoke kind of softly in the phone hardly hearing him. "Well I have work at 9, but I get off at 1, so if you wanna hang out when I get off, then yeah that would be great".

"Yeah that would be great actually. So I'll pick you up from Hot Topic today at 1?" he asked sounding actually happy that we were going to hang out. "Yeah okay. Well I got to go. So I'll talk to you then. Bye". "Bye Alex". I was so confused at this moment. Why would Chris want to hang out with some loser like me? Why is he being so nice to me? I hate when people just try to be nice to me cause they feel sorry. Fuck people. I looked at my phone, jumping out of my towel and trying to get in my clothes. It was already 8:52!! FUCK! I'm going to be late again! SHIT! I grabbed my make-up bag and brush. Getting my bag, key's, and phone also.

I ran out of my house locking the door fast. Honestly I probably didn't even lock it, but who cares. I jump in my car racing to the mall. I got there and put on my make-up the fastest I've ever done it combing my hair also. I got my bag,key's and phone, locking my car and running into the front door. I ran to Hot Topic seeing Ryan laughing at me cause I almost fell. I gave him the death glare, then started laughing with him. I went to the back and put my thing's away. Luckily Max didn't notice me coming in late. "Hey baby, why are you late again?" he said giving me a cute smile.

"Chris called me asking if I wanted to hang out today and I started freaking out after". "Babe don't freak out it's not like he asked you out. Just be yourself" Ryan said poking my dimple on my cheek. I blushed and kissed his nose. I really like him, but he would never like me. Fuck! Why can't I be pretty and skinny. Fuck pretty girls and their prefect bodies. 

The day went the same as also. Me and ryan flirting, checking thing's up for people, helping kid's find what they need. Same old, same old. It came to 1 and I was getting ready to leave. Chris came walking threw the door looking around for me. I smiled at how fucking cute he was. I walked over to him poking it side. "Hey Chris" I said watching him turn around. "Hey beautiful. You ready to go?". I blushed so hard wishing I could curl into a ball and hide. "Yeah. Let me just say bye to ryan" I said walking over to Ryan kissing his cheek and hugging him tight. "Let's go" I said to chris walking in front of him.

"So where are we going mister chris motionless?" He smiles and chuckled at what I said. I smiled also. "Well I was thinking going to the park and just hang out, talk, get to know each other". "Okay sound's good". We walked to his car and we got in. "Could i maybe put one of my CD in to listen to?" he laughed and shook his head 'yes'. I got out motionless in white new album 'Infanous' putting it in. Chris laughed when he head the first song. "Really?" he said trying to control his breathing. "What? I love this album" 

"Well I'm glad you love it" he said looking at me and then back on the road stopping at a park. We got out and went to the bench sitting down on opposite sides. We asked each other random quesion's seeing that we had a lot in common. I looked at him and locked eye's feeling my heart melt from them. I started blushing, but I couldn't stop looking at his amazing brown eye's that made my heart skip a beat and butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

He looked away looking down at his hand's. What was I thinking? I need to stop now before I fall for him. "Alex can I be honest with you?" Chris looked back up at me looking right at my eye's. I was scared on what he was going to say. My heart was beating like crazy and my mind was thinking about everything he could say. Does he not like me? Does he have a girlfriend? Does he not want to see me again? "Yes chris you always can" I said trying to put on the best fake smile. "Um...I...."


Woah! What is he going to say? :O Well your just going to have to keep reading to find out when I update next c: Oh and that's Ryan  in the side bar ;P Bye<3

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