Still into you

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Alex P.O.V.

I groaned as I could off my second skate. I took them to the front and gave them to the guy. I smiled and walked out the door. I walked to the car and tried to open the door but it was locked. I tilted my head back in frustration. "Chris open the door" He looked at me and grinned evilly. Okay he wants to play hard, I'll do the same. I pulled away from the door and started walking down the side walk.

Chris pulled the car up to me and stopped. "Okay I'm sorry. Get in." I smiled to myself and moved my hand to open the door. Chris pulled the car up and stopped. What a fucker. I walked up to the door and tried to grab the handle once again. Chris pulled up more and I gave him a death glare. He just smirked proud of himself. I rolled my eyes at him and started walking again. He drove along the sidewalk telling me to get in.

I ignored him and kept walking. He stopped the car and got out walking in front of me. He grabbed me by my waist and put me over his shoulder. I started slapping his butt telling him to put me down. He didn't. "You better stop that.". "You should know me by now that I'm not going to." He slapped my ass getting me to scream. He laughed and kept on walking to the car. My butt hurt now from him spanking me. "That hurt baby" I pouted. "Awwwe babe. I'm sorry." He rubbed his hand gently on my right cheek.

"Yeah you better rub my booty" He opened the door and sat me in. He walked over to his side getting in. He took off driving back to the house smiling.


When we pulled up to the drive way I got out and ran to the door unlocking it. I got and locked the door up. Chris didn't have keys sooooo I kinda locked him out. Hehe. "BABE LET ME IN!!" Chris yelled pounding on the door. "MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" I ran up stairs and got into my pj's. I put some booty shorts on, and one of Chris's sweaters. My phone rang and came up that Chris was calling me. 


Ohhhh you better let me in"

I chuckled to myself  "How about no?"

"Alexandria Lee Koehler Let Me In Right Now, Or You'll Get It!"

"Hmmmmm....Nope. See you later Chris"

I hung up the phone and went down stairs. I had this weird craving for pickles. I skipped over to the fridge and looked for a jar of pickles. I pulled it out and opened the jar taking one out. I bit into it and I felt so much better. Mmmmmm pickles. I put my ear-buds in my ear turning on my ipod. I clicked on a random song and 'Still into you' started playing. I started dancing around singing along and eating my pickle.

I flipped my hair from side to side. Yelling the words. I felt so good. I kept smiling and jumping around. I was honestly having a blast.

'Recount the night that I first 

Met your mother

And on the drive back to my house

I told you that, I told you that I loved ya.

You felt the weight of the world

Fall off your shoulder

And to your favorite song

We sang along to the start of forever'

"AFTER ALL THIS TIME...I'M STILL INTO YOU!!" I sang at the stop of my lungs. I know Chris can hear me and I really don't give a poop. I hope the neighbors can hear this amazingness. I turned around to see Chris looking at me with a wide smile on his lips and wide eyes. I blushed and took my ear-buds out. " much of that did you see?" He laughed and walked over to me. "Maybe the whole thing" I looked down trying to hide how embarrassed I was.

 "Hey." He pulled my face up looking in my eyes. "I thought it was beautiful and adorable." I giggled and pulled him closer to my body. "I even think you should do that more offend, so I can come home to that everyday" I rolled my eyes playfully and pushed his body back. "If I don't have to give you a lap dance than I will" 

"Do I really have to choose?" I nodded my head and kissed his cheek. "Fine, you don't have to give me a lap dance." Wow I thought he was going to pick the other one. "Okay" I smiled throwing my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. He lifted me up and carried me to the couch. "Thanks bro ham!"

He gave me a very confused looking face. "Bro ham?" He cocked an eyebrow. "Yup its my word for the week" he sat down on the couch and pulled me into his lap. "Well that's a very weird word" I licked his cheek making him gasps. "You did not just do that" I giggled and jumped off his lap going over to the kitchen going out the back yard door.

I got the hose and turned it on waiting for Chris. His hand went for the handle turning it. He spent out on the mat and I spread him with the hose. He turned to me and grabbed me pulling me on the grass with him. "Give me the hose" I pulled the hose back and squirmed in his grip. "I'm not giving it to you" he pulled the hose away from me letting me go. I jumped up and ran to the tree. 

"You cant hide Alex" I screamed as I felt my body be hit with cold water. I moved from the tree running to the house. Chris grabbed me pulled me to his chest. He started sparing the water on my head. I yelled for him to let me go, but it was not use. I just stood in his grip while cold water ran down my body. Chris dropped the hose down and threw me over his shoulder.

"Now it's shower time miss Koehler" I giggled as he turned off the water and went back inside walking us up stairs. We got to the bathroom and he turned on the warm water. I started stripping off my wet clothes while Chris did the same. I pinched his butt as he took off his boxers. "You seriously are obsessed with my butt". "It's just so cute. It's not my fault" 


Sorry it's not that good :/ I have been trying to fill in a lot of parts. The next chapter gets really wow. I just felt like writing this today cause I was dancing around in my kitchen listening to paramore being stupid :D So I felt like this would be another cute littler chapter. Hope you guys liked. Vote and comment c:

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