Happy New Years!!!!

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Alex P.O.V.

Today was news years eve and I was excited. Kuza was throwing a party so me and Chris were getting ready. I met Kuza about a week ago. He is so sweet and funny, I wish I would have met him sooner, but oh well. I was wearing a black heart shaped mid thigh dress. I was going to wear my black studded high heal boots. Ryan got them for me for Christmas I was so happy when I opened them. I walked over to the bathroom to start styling my hair and put some make up on. I turned on the straighter and pulled out my make up from the cabinet. I went with a smokey look. Chris came in and kissed my cheek before going to the bathroom. He really didn't care that he was peeing with me right there, I didn't either. I found it kind of funny. I bit my lower lip to keep from laughing. "What's so funny about me going to the bathroom?" I giggled and focused back to my make up.

"Well I don't know why you find this so funny seeing as your the one that farts in her sleep" my mouth opened wide as Chris laughed slapping my ass and left the bathroom. I was flushed with embarrassment. Do I really do that? Just kill me now to save me from this. I took a deep breath in blowing it out going to my hair. I curled it to make it wavy. I looked down at my phone checking the time. We still had about 20 minutes. It took us about 10 to get to Kuza's so we had some time to chill.

"Baby where are you?" I yelled as I walked down the stairs. "Outside!" I walked over to the back door and stepped onto the patio. "Whatcha doing out here?" "Watching the dogs run around and go to the bathroom before we head out." "Okay well I'm going to go into the kitchen to get the food." He shook his head as he stood there. We told everyone we could bring some brownies or something for the food. I went into the kitchen to get them out of the fridge. "Babe why don't we get going over there?" Chris said closing and locking the door behind him. I smiled and walked over to the door with my purse on my shoulders and the pan in my hands.

I walked over to the car getting in. I set the brownies on my lap as Chris started the car up. After not to long we pulled into the side of the house. Car's were already lined up so we had to park beside it. We hopped out of the car making our way to the door. Chris just opened the door and walked inside. You could smell the room full of alcohol and smoke.

"ALEX!!!" Kuza screamed as he ran up and hugged me. I laughed and hugged him back tightly. "Hey there Kuza. Glad to see you again." "You too. Glad you guys came." I smiled and handed him the brownies. He told us to follow him to the kitchen. He put them on the table and went back to chatting with everyone. He knew we didn't drink so he told us there was soda's in the fridge also. I looked around letting them wonder around the room. I felt hurt seeing Brandon with his new girlfriend. Yes he got a girlfriend. 

I mean I'm happy and Brandon is happy with his new girl. I looked away as I saw him start to look my way. It's hard to forget now what me and him had. I know I picked Chris, but it still hurt, you know. I love him still. I still love Chris more as have I always of course. But Brandon still is in my heart and mind. I hummed as I walked out side into the backyard. I stared up into the stars. I lost Chris a long the way, but it's okay. I rubbed my arm as I started getting chilly. "Looks like someone needs a jacket." I turned around to see Kuza standing behind me with a black light jacket in his hands. I smiled thanking him as I rapped it around me body.

"What's on your mind Ms.Koehler?" I giggled as he said my last name in a horrible British accent. "You have the worst fake British accent ever" He chuckled and sat down in the grass pulling me down with him. "So why are you standing here all alone?" I looked down and started pulling out the grass. "Well I just wanted to relax a little." He nodded and pulled me close. I rested my head on his shoulder as we looked up at the bright stars.

"Hey there you are!" I turned my head to see Alllie and Ryan. I got up and walked over to them embracing them in a hug. "Hey guys." We stood there talking for quiet some time. Until Brandon stepped out and asked if we could talk. The girls headed inside to leave us some space. "So what's up?" "Well I saw you looking at me and Hannah, you looked kind of hurt." I faked laugh trying to cover the hurt. "No I was just thinking about things. I'm happy for you. I mean you told me we were together, but I still don't remember." I smiled walking past him and into the house.

I looked around for Chris and found him hanging out with the guys laughing. I smiled and made my way to him. "Hey mister." I sat down on to his lap. "Hey babe. Where have you been?" I shrugged and kissed his soft lips. "It's 11:49. I can't believe it's going to be 2014." I shook my head to the thought. This year has been one hell of a ride. Meeting Motionless In White, dating Chris, the Ryan thing, then Bree getting pregnant, me and Brandon, then Bree loosing the baby, the coma and now. Like this year has sucked, but in a way it was amazing.

"Come on babe! Let's count down." Chris pulled me up as we counted down to 2014. "5...4...3...2...1!!!!" We all scream. Chris turned to me and pulled me into a deep kiss. I smiled widly and kissed back pulling his body to mine. "God I love you." I pecked his lips again blushing. "Oh how I love you too my Chris."


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