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Bree P.O.V.

-3 months later-

I woke up feeling a sharp pain in my stomach. I got up looking at the time on my phone. It was just 3:27 a.m. in the morning. I put my hand over my belly hoping it would stop the pain. I tried to get up to go to the bathroom to see what was going on. My baby girl wasn't due till next week. I was scared that something was wrong. I got to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like such shit. Next thing I know I feel something wet run down my legs. I look down and see that my water just broke. Oh my god. The baby is coming. "CHRIS?!" I screamed out for him. He ran in looking scared at what was happening. "Babe what's wrong?! Is the baby coming?!" I nodded my head at him and he ran to go get the bag.

He helped me change my pants and got everything we needed. He was running around everywhere freaking out. Another pain shot through me. "Okay baby breath. In and out. In and out." He helped me down the stairs going to the door opening it. "Go walk to the car while I lock the door." I slowly walked to the car trying to not think about the pain. I got to the door and opened it getting in slowly. Chris ran to the car putting the bag in the back and getting in the front seat. He started the car and started going towards the hospital.

Alex P.O.V.

I woke up to my phone going off like crazy. I groaned and rolled over picking up my phone. I slide it open not looking at the screen. "What?" I asked to the person that was calling me this early in the fucking morning. "Oh my god alex you final pick up!!!" Chris yelled into the phone. "What do you want chris. I'm trying to sleep."."Bree went into labor and we came here and something started happening and she started bleeding and they told me to wait in the waiting room. They won't tell me anything......Alex...I...I'" Chris cried into the phone. My heart broke for him. I didn't want to see him this way. "Okay chris. Hold on okay I'm on my way." I hung up and ran downstairs grabbing my jacket and keys. I ran out to the car probably speeding to the hospital.

I parked in the parking lot getting out and locking it running inside. I went up to the waiting room looking around for chris. I saw him with his head in his hands crying. I walked up to him and sat down in front of him. I grabbed his hands and pulled one down. There he was with his eyes blood shot and puffy. I felt my eyes watering to the site. This was the first time I have ever seen him cry. He looked at me with pain in his eyes and body. He grabbed my waist pulling me to his body. He layed his head on my shoulder crying his eyes out. I pulled him in closer having tears roll slowly down my face.

"They will be okay chris." I said in his ear softly. "I'm so scared alex. I can't lose them." I pulled him away from me making him look in my eyes. I shook my head. "I know okay, but we have to stay calm and positive and hope that they will make it okay." He nodded his head slowly looking down. "Thank you for being here alex. It means a lot."." Anytime. I'm going to go call the guys okay." I started to get up, but he grabbed my hand making me look down at him. "Please don't. I want to wait." I nodded down at him and took the seat next to him getting ready to see what is wrong with bree and the baby with chris.


Hour's have past and still no news. No Doctor coming to tell us what is happening, no one asking what we're here for. Nothing. Just sitting and waiting. Chris stopped crying, but I can tell he wants to. "Chris Cerulli?" We looked up and saw a Doctor standing there in front of us. "How are they?" He asked. He looked at us with sad eyes. " The baby didn't make it. The cord rapped around her neck before we could get her out. I'm sorry." Chris looked at him in shocked then he spoke up a little. "What about bree?"."She is fine. She's sleeping right now. But you can see her if you want." He nodded his head and followed. I stayed in the waiting room. 

Chris P.O.V.

I followed the Doctor to the room bree was in. He opened the door and then left. I walked in with tears rolling down my puffy cheeks. I saw her laying there. She looked so hurt and so much in pain. It hurt to see her like it. I walked up to her grabbed her hand. I fell to my knees crying my heart out. I just lost my baby. My baby girl. I wanted to be the best for her and bring her to my concerts and have her be a rocker and love it. I wanted to spoil her with clothes and toys and whatever she wanted. I wanted to be the best dad I could be.

Now I will never get the chance. I'm heart broken. I didn't even get to meet her. I remember everytime she would kick when I put my hand to bree's belly. I loved her so damn much. How can I live without my daughter in my arms. I just want my baby girl back. I felt brees hand tighten around mine. I got up and looked at her dead eyes. "Chris what are you doing here?" She whispered with a cold tone. "Baby I'm so sorry." I cried to her. She pulled away from my hand and looked away. "Get out"." What? Why?"." I can't be with you anymore Chris. I can't look at you. Get out of my room!" She yelled 

"Why are you doing this?"."We just lost our fucking baby. This is all your fault! I hate you! I never ever want to see your fucking face again! GO!" She screamed at me. I walked out of the room slamming the door behind me.  How the fuck could she do this?! How did I kill our baby?! Fuck her! I walked to the waiting room hurt. How could things get so fucked up? I saw Alex sitting were I left her looking worried. I feel so bad I put her through all of this. I walked up to her and pulled her into a tight hug. "Chris what happe..." I cut her off with my lips crashing onto hers. I never should have left her. She was the one I needed. Shes my new start from all this. I have to have her now. I won't take no for a answer. 


:c Awwwe </3 Chris lost his baby and bree went fucking crazy on him. Sorry this was bad. I had a hard time thinking of what to write. D: Sorry guys. Well vote and comment. I promise the next chapter won't take as long as this one did. Bye

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