Pay back is a bitch

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Chris P.O.V. 

I grabbed all my things and left slamming the door behind me. I can't believe she kissed him back. Why did she wait to tell me this. I feel so stupid. I know I'm going to forgive her, but now I have so much angrier I needed to get away for a little bit. I need to go talk to ryan about what happened. Honestly right now I want to beat the shit out of him for kissing alex. 

I didn't want to go back to talk to her tonight, so I just headed to my house. I parked in the driveway and got out. I went in my house and put my things anyway. I walked into my room and stop standing there in shock. What the fuck?!

Alex P.O.V.

I woke up still on the couch. I thought chris would come back, but he didn't. I was worried about him.  I got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower. I got ready and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I needed to do something today, I just didn't know what. I didn't want to go to work. I think I was going to quick my job. What happened with ryan is not something I wanted to happen again. 

I drove around looking for something to do. I saw a tattoo/piercing shop. I thought why not? I got out of the car and walked up to the shop, going in. "What do you need sweetie?" The girl asked me at the front desk. I thought about it and knew what I wanted. "I would like to get my cheek's pierced please" She nodded her head. "Follow me hun" I did as she said and followed her to a room. She got everything ready and I sat down. She pierced my cheek's and told me how to clean them. I payed and left.

I went to the mall and decided to go to hot topic. I knew ryan was working, but I needed to talk to max about quitting. I walked in and ryan looked at me with pain and shock in his eyes. I found max and talked to him about it. He told me he understood and told me to come visit and that I could always get my job back when I needed it. Max was like a brother to me, so he was always nice and loving to me.

I got new band shirts and jeans and got 3/4 plugs. I went to buy them and ryan looked at me like I had hurt him. "Why aren't you working today?" he asked taking my stuff and putting them in a buy. "Cause I just quit." He looked at me in shock and had tears in his eyes. "What? Why? Are you going on tour with chris?"

I looked at him and shook my head. "No. I just think I need to get a new job." "Alex please don't leave me". I felt like shit right now. I love ryan. He's been my best friend for years. I hate that it has to be this way. "I'm sorry ryan." I payed and left. I got in my car and went home. I got home and unlocked my door. I went upstairs and put in my new plugs. They were of a grey cat.

I got my phone checking twitter. I looked through it and saw a picture of chris and his ex wife kissing. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. I guess I deserve it. Pay back is a bitch. I ran upstairs grabbing my blade and cutting my thigh nine times. I crawled into bed not wanting to wake up in the morning. I hate my life. I just fuck everything up this good.


Alex P.O.V.

It's been a week since chris left and I saw the picture of his and his ex kissing. I work at the shop I got my cheek's pierced at. I love it here. I changed my number and everything. Chris and I were over. I think. I never did text him and he never texted me. I just wanted to start over again. I dyed my hair a purple white and got more tattoos.

Chris started tour yesterday so I knew I wouldn't see him around. I kind of wish I did sometimes. I know it's only been a week, but it feels like a year. A lot as happened in this short period of time. I don't really talk to anyone. So I don't have any friends really. I don't talk to ryan anymore so yeah.

Work was fun like always and then I went home. I pulled up in my driveway getting out. I stopped as I saw chris at my front pouch waiting for me. He sat up and walked up to me. "Hey I was wondering when you would get home." he said with a small smile starting on his lips. "Chris I thought you started tour already. What are you doing here?". "Well I need to talk to you". I nodded and told him to come inside. I unlocked the door letting chris in. 

He sat on the couch. I went to the fridge and got two monsters. I sat next to him handing him one. He thanked me and opened it taking a sip. "So...what did you need to talk about." "Are we still together?" He asked me looking at me. "I don't think so." he nodded and smiled. "Why? What's going on?" he smiled and blushed a little looking down. "I met this really amazing girl and I wanted to ask her out on a date." My heart stop and I felt like my whole world just crashed down all around me.

"Oh, that's great. I hope she says yes. Um...well...I have to go. It was nice of you to stop by." I got up and he did to. I say sadness in his eyes. I knew he felt sorry for me, but I didn't want him to. "Alex, I'm so sorry" I looked at him and fake smiled. "Hey! You have no reason to be. I'm happy for you. Actually me and ryan are dating so don't be" Just then his face fell and he looked heart broken. "Um...that's great. Well yeah I should get going. Bye alex." he got up and left closing the door behind him. 

I slid down the door and sobbed into my hands. I got up and walked to the bathroom wanted to just end my life. I had nothing left to leave for. I grabbed my blade and held it to my wrist. I put it against my skin and when I was about to cut I felt someone pull me into there arms.I look up and see chris. What? Why was he here? "Alex please don't do that to yourself." He said having tears fall down his face. "What? Chris what are you even doing here?". "I left my phone and I came to get it, when I heared you crying I came up and saw what you were about to do." I looked down and wish I was just gone already.

"Chris just go" I got up leaving his arms. "Alex please" He said following me into my bedroom. I looked at him confused. "What? Go to that girl that you think is amazing" He looked at me. "Alex that was just to make you jealous. There is no girl. I can't over you, your my everything. I'm so sorry for what I did. Please take me back?" I looked at him and show those eyes I loved. Our eyes locked and he moved towards me pulling me to him.

He wraps his arms around me pulling me closer to him. He looked down at my lips and moved closer. I stood still in shock. He pushed his lips to mine. My heart was racing and my knees went weak making me fall in his arms. I kissed back with all my passion and my love for him. He carried me to the bed and layed me down.

"Alex I'm so sorry for all that I have done. I love you so fucking much alex. I can't live without you." I felt the tears in my eyes starting to form. "Baby don't cry." I chuckled at him and smiled. "I'm crying because I jut missed you so damn much chris. I don't wanna live without you. I love you" He smiled and kissed me. 

"Let's get some sleep baby." I nodded and we crawled under the covers. "I love you alex, goodnight darling" I blushed and kissed his chest. He pulled me closer to him. "I love you too chris, goodnight handsome." I missed him so much. I missed us. I fell asleep listening to his heart beat. This was were I needed to be. He was my life


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