Meeting motionless in white

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This is my first story and it is probably going to suck, but here we go anyway:D


I woke up to the sound of my alarm coming from my phone. I took my phone and looked at the time, I was 30 minute late. I jump out of bed and got my ripped black jeans, my chris motionless shirt and got to the bath room. I took a shower and jump out drying off and putting on my clothes. I put dark eye shadow on and dark eye liner, I dryed my hair and quickly combed it. I grabbed my key's, bag, and phone. I ran outside locking the door behind me. I jump in my car and race to Hot Topic where I work.

"Hey Max sorry I woke up late" I said to my boss Max. "It's okay, don't worry about it" he said. I put my thing's in the back and walk out to start working. I got behind the register and the first person came up and gave me their thing's to ring up. Ryan my co-worker came up beside me and poked my side. I smiled at him and poked him back. "Hey you know who's coming to sign tomorrow right?" Ryan asked. I looked at him confused, what the fuck?! Who's signing tomorrow? "Who?" I asked. "Motionless in white." he whispered in my ear. I almost screamed, motionless in white are my favorite band. I loved everything about them, all they stood for.

The rest of the day was slow, but I was just wanting to go home and just have tomorrow be here already. Work ended and I went home. I unlocked the door and dropped all my thing's on the floor not even caring. I locked the door and went to the kitchen to make some thing to eat. I ended up putting on my favorite movie The nightmare before Christmas. I ended up falling asleep dreaming about how amazing tomorrow will be.


I woke up next morning with my body sore from falling asleep on the couch last night. I got up and went to the kitchen to make myself some coffee. I poured some in a cup and went to look at the time on my phone. It was 8:00 a.m. and work started at 9 so i went up to my room got my ripped skinny jean's and northlane shirt. (If you don't know who Northlane is, it's a band. You should go check them out if you want) I jumped in the shower and washed my hair and body quick. I got out dryed my hair and put my clothes on. I put on dark back eye shadow and a thick line of eye liner on the bottom and top. I went to see what time it was and it was 8:30 so i got my ipod and started playing creature's by motionless in white. I got my bag, key's, ipod, and phone and lock my house door behind me. I got in my car and plugged my ipod to the stereo blasting the music in my car. I droved up to the mall and got out locking my car. I went to hot topic and said hi to ryan, putting my thing's in the back. "Hey sexy" ryan said. I know what your thinking, but we are just friend's. "Hey are you excited to see Motionless in White today?" ryan asked. "Oh my gosh! I can't believe I forgot about that!" I said forgetting everything about that this morning. "Wow. Alex and they are even your favorite band. Stupid." he said laughing at me. I gave him the 'shut the fuck up' look I always give him.

I started work and just waiting and trying to keep calm about motionless in white. Max came in and started to speak to us. "Okay I know Motionless In White is coming in for a signing and we have to stay clam. Alex? You are going to show them where they sit and start the signing's and getting it ready, ryan will help you. Okay let's get started" he spoke to us. I was about to start shaking. What?! I'm going to talk to Motionless in white. Oh I am going to pee my pant's. Don't worry I won't, but I will probably cry. "Gosh Alex calm down babe, your shaking" ryan said taking my hand and holding it. "Sorry just nervous" I said giving him a huge smile and blushing along with it. "I know babe, but you don't wanna scary them off, do you?" he said to me laughing. Motionless in white came walking threw the door's and we headed to them. "Hey guy's we will be helping you today and keeping thing's moving" ryan said to the guy's of motionless in white. "Oh okay that's cool" Chris spoke. I was tearing up and ready to cry, but I held myself back. "Um...this is alex, sorry your her favorite band. She's kinda freaking out." ryan said to them. I hit him in his arm and mouthed 'shut up'.

"Oh well that's awesome. It's nice to meet you alex" ricky said reaching for my hand to shake it. I put my hand to his and shook it slowly. I was already shaking like some fucking weirdo. I blushed and just wanted to run away so they didn't see me. "So um...this is ricky, ryan, balz or josh which ever one, devin, brandon, and me" Chris said smiling to me and ryan. "Oh dude we have the same name. Awesome" ryan my co-worker said to ryan in motionless in white. "Fuck yeah" ryan said high-fiving ryan. We took them to the table and started opening the door for fan's to come in. There were so many people coming in to see them, but hey who doesn't love motionless in white? They started the signing and meeting the fan's. It was amazing seeing how happy they were with them. Hour's went on and they were almost done signing picture's and shirt's and arm's. 

The guy's  were done and we started closing up the store, getting ready to leave. Someone tapped on my shoulder and clear their thoart. "Um...would you like an autograph from us" Chris spoke from behind me. I turned around facing all of motionless in white. "Yes, I would love one" I said blushing trying to hide it with my hair. They signed the picture and gave it to me. "Thank you" I said to them smiling like an idiot. "No problem, um...your really cool, can I maybe get your number so we can keep in touch" Chris said to me trying to hide his amazing smile. "Me, you chris motionless want my number?" I asked shaking and having a huge grin on my face. "Yeah, you" Chris said taking out his phone for me to put my number in. I took it and put my number in and handed it back to him. 

"Thank's" he said smiling and walking away. I was just standing there trying to process what just happened. Chris fucking motionless asked me, me! For my number. HOLY SHIT! This day is the best. We closed up and headed out of hot topic. I headed home and went to the kitchen getting a monster from the fridge. My phone vibrated in my back pocket. I took it out and looked at who texted me. It was an unknown number. I clicked on it and it said 

'Hey it's chris motionless from the signing today(:'

Me: Oh hey. Yeah I know who you are silly'

Chris: Haha well anyway, I just wanted to text you to make you save my number'

Me: Haha okay chris(: I saved it don't worry'

Chris: Okay good, don't give it to anyone'

Me: I wouldn't dare do that. I'm not stupid'

Chris: I know that. You're pretty, not stupid'

Me: Me, pretty? Ha your funny chris'

Chris: What you are pretty:o

Chris fucking motionless think's I'm pretty. What the fuck? No he's just trying to be nice. I'm ugly and fat and have scars all over my leg's. He could never think I was pretty.

Me: Well okay if you say so c:

Chris: Okay good(: Well I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight Alex<3 Sleep tight'

Me: Goodnight chris<3

I texted back. Oh my gosh! Chris made a heart. Why would he make a heart? 'alex shut up, it doesn't mean anything. he just feel's sorry for you like everyone does. he doesn't like you, you pathetic piece of shit' My mind said to me. It was right how could chris care about someone like me, he's famous. I sighed and went up to the bathroom getting one of my many blade's from under the sink. I took my jean's off and quickly grabbed the blade putting it to my cold scared skin. I moved it across my skin, feeling the blood run down my thigh. I did this 3 more time's, then cleaned up and put it away. I changed in my pj's and got into bed thinking of what chris said. I slowly fell asleep dreaming of what had happened that day.


So that's the end of chapter one :o Sorry it sucked D: And if you cut or are sad or thinking about it come to me. I can help. I use to cut, but I try not to anymore and I haven't cut since may so yeah. If you need help come to me. I will try my hardest to help<3 I hope you liked it and if you don't that suck's but oh well :p I will update soon. Bye<33

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