The Last Chapter

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"Do you remeber my proposal?" Cam said.
"Vaguely," I reply sarcastically smiling up at my husband.
1 year before their married
"El wake up!!!" Cameron yells as he storms through our room and jumps on our bed.
"Ow Cam! Remeber I'm pregnant!" I say pointing at my belly holding our 6 month old child in it. He looks down at my belly then at me again with puppy eyes which means I know what he wants he wants to talk to him... I sigh and pull my shirt up over my belly. He lightly puts his hand on my baby bump and starts taking to him.
"Hi little half El half Me, I'm so excited to meet you in 3 months. I hope you like us because we will sure love you! I hope you turn out like your mother, she is so beautiful," he says and looks up at me. " Maybe you could not get her sarcasm though.." He says so I slap him against the head. "See you soon baby boy," he says then kisses my baby bump. Then leans up and kisses me.
"Now princess," he says running his hand against my left cheek. "...I have big plans today so your gonna need to go pack, we're going to Manhattan!" He yells.
"Why are we going to Manhattan?" I ask as he helps me lean up and get out of bed.
"Special Reasons now please put your sexy ass in some clothes and let's get going!" He says and runs out the door of our apartment.
We get to Manhattan and we walk around for a bit.
"Now for the next attraction on Cams list of fun things to do in Manhattan is a hot air balloon ride!" He says as he wraps his arm around my shoulders.
"A hot air balloon ride!?" I yell in excitement.
"Yep! Now let's do this!" He says as he picks me up bridal style and starts to head off to the flight site.
We get in the Hot air balloon right before sunset, Cameron starts to get a little Nervous the higher we go.
"Cam what's wrong baby boy," I give him a sarcastic frown. "...not scared of heights are you?" I laugh.
"You at me it's not that.." He smiles nervously. "... now enjoy the view baby," he says as he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheeks we watch the sights toghter.
We were arriving at our last stop the Oreo factory... and I swear he was actually sweating.
"Were here..." He says tapping his foot nervously.
I turn around to look at the Oreo factory and I started crying.. Across the roof of the Oreo factory it read Eleanor will you, marry me? I turn back around to see Cameron down on one knee holding a small box with a tiny diamond ring inside it. I smack my hands across my mouth and let out small sobs.
"El, I have known you my whole life... we have been through so much.. we were and still are Best friends we are gonna be parents! The only thing left I need to complete my life is you so will you El, do me the honor of marrying me?" He says as a tiny tear rolls down his face.
I shake my head rapidly " Yes.. yes! Cam yes." I say and throw my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. He slips the tiny ring on my tiny finger.
"I love you so god damn much El." He days hugging me tight.
"I love you to Cam, are we really doing this?" I say and look up at him.
"We are really doing this..." He says and kisses my head.
Present day
We talk about how we got married and fall asleep in each other's arms with our kids by our side I couldn't be happier with the life that was given to me. I love you Cameron Dallas

Wow this is really the end I have finally finished the book... It's just crazy.. I have gotten so kick support on this book and I would just like to thank my readers for that this book wouldn't of even finished if it wasn't for you guys. I will be doing bonus chapters only if someone request them though or I won't do it so please leave request for this book if you would like bonus chapters. AND MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER BOOKS!! LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS !!!! TATA!

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