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Chapter 1

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I sat in my room scrolling through Twitter, when all the sudden I hear a tap on my window.
I turn and see Cameron standing on the roof outside my window. I get up and unlock the window opening it for Cameron to come in.
He sticks his hand really fast just like the time we first met. I pull him inside my room.

**Flash Back**

I hear a knock on the door and my mom gets up to go answer it.
"Ella sweetie come here! Meet our new neighbors! She has a little boy the same age as you. Maybe you guys can become friends." She says motioning them to come inside.
"Hi im Cameron." A little boy with spiked up brown hair all over the place and dark choclate eyes. He sticks his hand out dor me to shake.
"Hi im Ella." I say barely grabbing his hand -- because boys have cooties---
"Ella how about you go play with Cameron in your room." My mom says patting my back amd motioning upstairs.
Cameron grabs my hand and drags me up the stairs.
"Do you even know where your going." I giggle while Cameron drags me along behind him.
"Nope. But that makes it like a game! And I love games." He smiles as he comes to an abrupt halt at a door.
"This one?" He says pointing to my moms door.
"Nope," I laugh.
"This one?" He says pointing to the bathrooms door.
"You're getting warmer." I say smiling.
"This one!" He says at the next door.
"Yay!! Finally." I say as he opens the door.
"Finally." He says running over to my toy chest with his short little legs and opening it up so fast he nearly fell in.
"Cool a yellow toy- truck!" He says pulling out one from my toy chest.
"Dibs in the pink plane!" I say padding over to him.
After an hour if our intense toy playing we both started to get a little snippy at each other due to hunger. I leave Cameron upstairs to guard elmo from the evio barbies while I walk downstairs to go get some juice boxes for Cam and I. As I was walking up the stairs my mom calls for me.
"Ella!" My mom shouts.
"Coming!" I say running as fast as my little legs will carry me. Into the living room.
"What mommy." I say walking over to her and Cameron's mom Gina.
"Would you like Cameron to spend the night." Mom asks.
"Yeah!" I shout and start giving my mom puppy dog eyes.
"Gina brought a bag over for Cameron tonight. Cause she is heading out of town tonight for her job." My mom says. (**I know it's weird they just met I wrote this in like 2015 give me a break lol 3/5/19)
"Cameron! Come here hun." Gina yells.
Shortly after she yells I here little feet running down the stairs.
"Yeah Momma?" Cameron says.
"Your going to spend the night with Ella tonight. So come give me a big hug!" She says as Cameron runs towards her and gives her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Gina leaves and me and Cameron go play some more till my mom makes us get cleaned up.
"Cameron you can sit on the sink while I wash Ella and then I will get you cleaned up." My mom says lifting Cameron on the sink. ( its not weird there 6 calm down)
My mom washes me then leads me to my room and dresses me in my pajamas. I wait till Cameron finshes. After Cameron is done my mom dresses him and she tucks us in bed. She gives me a kiss on the cheek then ruffles Cameron's hair and blows a kiss to us. My mom turns out the light.
"Hey Ella." Cameron says.
"Yeah." I whisper turning towards him.
"I caught this for you." He says putting his hand out.
"Caught what? I dont see anything." I say looking at his hand.
"No silly. I caught your moms kiss for you. You can have mine." He says grabbing my hand and putting it in my hand.
"Thanks." I say smiling at him and kissing him on the cheek.
"Ella can we be Bestfreinds?" Cameron asks me.
"Of course!" I say excitedly. I mean he did catch a kiss for me.
"You promise." He says putting his pinky out.
"I promise." I say linking our pinkies toghter.

**End Of Flash Back**

Ever since that day me and cameron have been inseparable.

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