Chapter 9

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**** 1 MONTH LATER****

Ella's P.O.V.

On the phone with Cameron.

"So what are we doing tomorrow for our anniversary?" I ask cam while walking around my room aimlessly.

"I was thinking maybe we could go see a movie and dinner afterwards?" He responds flatly.

"Can we hang out today? Possibly cuddle and watch a movie? I miss my boyfriend." I say sadly.

"I actually have something to do today." He says as I collapse backwards onto my bed.

Which led to my next question: "Do you still love me like you said you did?" I ask looking down at my hands.

"Of corse I do. Its just I have been really busy." He says blankly.

"Its just you have been so distant. This is the most you have talked to me in weeks. I miss you." I say looking out my window at over at his. Seeing he is texting someone.

"Sorry what. I was doing something." He says looking back at me from his window.

"Nothing." I say through gritted teeth and hang up.

He looks at me with a puzzled look through our windows. I get up flip him the bird and close my curtains.

Cameron please don't let me be another one of your girls.. please...

End of phone call.

I lay in bed and ponder a bit more about this whole situation.  He has been acting so werid im gonna go see. I walk the short 30 feet to his house right next door and all these questions are racing through my head.
Was I not good enough in that aspect?
Does he regret this? Me?

Im shaken out of my thoughts when I arrive over at his house and his mom answers the door.
"Hi Gina," I smile.
"Hey sweetie," she says motioning for me to come in.
"Are you here to see Cameron?" She asks concerned.
"Yeah," i say looking around.
"Good. Maybe you could set him in the right mind frame." She says worried.
"What do you mean?" I ask curiously and slightly scared.
"He leaves the house every night at 12 a.m. for the past couple of weeks and he thinks I dont notice but I do." She says.
"Ill see what its about. Dont worry Gina." I smile walking upstairs to Camerons room.
I hear him talking on the phone with someone.
"Yeah im still on for tonight. But I cant tomorrow. I will be with my girlfriend all night." He sighs into the phone.
I open the door.
He looks at me with big eyes and hangs up the phone rapidly.
"Hey there baby girl..." he says awkwardly.
"Hi," I say walking over to him and sitting down next to him on his bed.
"Why are you here-," he says but i cut him off by kissing him.But he dosent kiss back. I pull away. I look at him sadly. I get up and walk to the door.
"You dont like me anymore do you?" I say looking at him with hurt in my eyes.
"No. Baby I love you still." He says walking up to me.
"Dont say it unless you meant it." I say turning around and walking out the door.
I walk back to my house. I get home and watch some t.v. for a little bit. An hour passes and I realize I should go apologize to Cameron. As I walk over to his house I see a new car in his drive way. I examine it as I walk inside. It looks... familiar...
"Hey Gina is Cameron here I need to apologize. I was a little out of hand earlier." I say walking into the kitchen.
"Oh yeah he is upstairs with one of his friends." She says pointing to the stairs.
"Okay." I skip upstairs and I hear moaning coming from Camerons room I laugh a little knowing he is probably jerking off. I knock on his door before opening it.
"Cameron?" I question. Looking at him as tears brim my eyes.
"Oh my god Ella! I um.." he says covering up him and the girl laying next to him.
"You're...cheating on me..?" I say softly almost as if this is a cruel dream. Tears start to fall down my cheeks while I just stare at the two in Cameron's bed.
"I can explain. I just need you to listen." He says standing up, trying to get his pants back on and approaching me very slowly. He places his hand on my shoulder.
"No!" I yell ripping my shoulder away from him. "Dont even try to explain this to me! I saw you having sex with Serena! Serena of all people!" I sob running down the stairs and towards the door.
He grabs my arm.
"Dont you fucking touch me!" I say as Gina pokes her head out if the kitchen looking at Cameron and I curiously.
"Let me explain Ella!" He says letting go of me. As tears start to fall down his cheeks.
"Dont call me Ella or El my name is Eleanor to you now and you know what dont even call me that dont call me at all dont look at me and dont speak to me got it! I knew you couldn't change I was right that day at the beach everything I said was true. Cameron all you do is play girls im the one leaving an crying this time. Cameron you promised me you wouldnt brake me. Im done Cameron bye we are over... as friends to." I say choking the last part out.
I just lost my boyfriend and bestfriend all at once...
"Eleanor please... i'm your bestfriend shouldn't you at least hear me out?" He asks between sobs.
"Correction Cameron I was your bestfriend key word WAS! And I trusted you.. I trusted you with everything! Yet I got nothing in return do I owe you nothing!  I shout at him.
"Please," he whispers grabbing my hand.
"Go fuck your self oh wait you have someone up there to do it for you!" I shout slapping him and walking out the door back to my house making sure to key Serena's car with a rock on my back.

Camerons P.O.V.

I slide my back down the wall. I pull my knees up to my chest and I cry into them. My mom just stares at me. Serena comes down the stairs.
"Are we gonna continue or-," she says wrapped in my sheets.
I look up at her. "Get the fuck out of my house." I say to her in a low growl.
"Haha what?" She laughs.
"Get out!" I shout and she runs out the door to her car.
"Cameron honey, you didn't..." my mom says coming up to me and timidly puts her hand on my back.
I continue to cry harder and harder.
Great I lost my girlfriend and now my own mother hates me.
"I lost my bestfriend and the love of my life." I choke out.
"Give it time hun she'll come back." She says giving me her best reassuring smile.
I stand up and walk to my room.
Once im in my room I sit on my bed and look out my window into her room. She has a big trash bad in there. She is crying screaming and ripping things. She walks out and walks back in she has some Oreos she takes them and throws them into the trash can. Next was a get well bear I got her and a joke after our first time together. After that she threw away a necklace I got her a year ago with our names in it. Lastly she through away all our old photos even the one on her night stand of us hugging. She collapsed on the floor and pulled out her phone I thought she was deleting pictures of us. But then my phone went went off.
It was a text.

From: Love
Please dont text me or try to talk to me ever again.

To: Love
I love you......

From: Love
I dont love you.

End of Convo.

She wheeled the trash can out. To the end of the curb she looked up at my window at me and a single tear fell. She walked back inside and she collapsed on her bed. She started crying so hard she started to hiccup and cough. I sat there and watched as she cried herself to sleep that night.


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