Chapter 20

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Cameron and I packed everything we can find at such short notice. I guess you could say we're not really running away.... because we told his mom. I mean how could we not tell momma Gina? Cameron would of died! He's such a momma's boy.  We searched all night and finally found a small apartment just outside of Chino.

"Are you sure about this?" Cameron asked for about the 100th time.
"Cameron are you sure about this? You see to be asking me a lot," I laugh nudging him slightly with my elbow. To which he rolls his eyes.
"I can't wait to sleep in the same bed as you forever," he smirks leaning down to my face.
"CAMERON YOU PERV!" I shout while slapping him on the arm all while being slightly flustered at his comment. He then takes off towards the door as if running away from me.
"Hey! You're supposed to run away WITH me not FROM me!" I shout running after him. He stops at the car and turns around just in time for me to jump onto him.
"Are you ready?" He laughs; booping my nose.
"Cameron there is no one I would rather "runaway" with than you," I say putting finger quotes around runaway.
"Then what are we waiting for?" Cam says setting me down and picking up our bags. They have been laying next to car for awhile since. Sierra and Brent brought them out for us. How sweet of them!
"Let's do this," he winks at me.
An hour later we pull into the parking lot of the apartments and Cameron gets the bags. This was good because I was not going to carry them. Sorry Cam but you're the man. I head to the reception desk and get our new house keys. We head upstairs and Cameron puts the bags down outside the door. I slide the key in and unlock the apartment door. I look up at Cameron and he grabs my hand and squeezes it. I sling the door open and I walk in dragging Cameron behind me.
Once I get inside I jump up and down and look at Cameron smiling wildly. I know I look like a kid in a candy store. Cameron picks me up and spins us around, he puts me down then kisses me. He pulls away leaving his forehead on mine.
"You keep kissing me like we're dating. Are we?" I ask grabbing his hands.
"Only if you want to be," he says interlocking our fingers together.
"I do, I really do," I say then pull our heads away for I can kiss him again.
"I was hoping you would say that," he says hugging me.
"Now let's get a move on, we have furniture to buy and bags to put away!" I shout heading to the hallway to grab our bags.
This is the start of Cameron and I's life together
I'm deciding if there is going to be a next chapter or if I'm going to go straight for the epilogue. Maybe there will be one more chapter then the epilogue. Yeah probably that.

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