Chapter 16

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I wake up to aloud crash downstairs. I look at the time and it is 2 in the morning!
Of course being the blonde in a horror film where she follows the noise then dies. What do you think I do? Yep, I go and see what the sound was. I quickly grab the lamp on my dresser and head down the stairs to the living room.
I see a black figure I approach it slowly with the lamp above my head
They turn around....

Its just Cameron. I sigh in relief.

"Cameron what the hell! Its 2 in the morning I could have killed you!" I whisper yell at him. Thank god Sierra and his mom aren't here for this week.

"With a lamp? Munchkin," Cameron slurs with an eye brow raised.

"Munchkin?" I say crossing my arms.

He leans in next to my ear. "I.... I... once.." he hiccups. "I once saw *hiccups* saw an Oreo eat a hamburger," he laughs while pulling away from my ear.

"You're drunk," I say raising my eyebrow.

"You're drunk." He says in a sassy tone while placing a hand on his hip while waving his finger in the air.

"Alright sassy pants lets get you to your room," I laugh drapping his arm over my shoulder.
We make it half way up the stairs before he gets all sappy on me.

"I miss you so much," he says starting to cry into my shoulder soaking my shirt.

"Cameron dont cry," I say getting to the top of the stairs.

"Why dont you love me!" He cries as I finally get to his room and plop him on his bed.

"Thats not true Cameron," I say placing some Advil and water on his bedside table.

"Then show it, because I love you so god damn much Eleanor," he says grabbing my neck and pulls me down and kisses me.

I enjoyed it and I would be lying if I said I didnt but it did feel wrong.
I pulled away only to be pulled back and his lips crash with mine and that made me panic so I did the only thing I knew to do. I pulled away and slapped him. A wave of hurt went over his perfectly brown eyes. I immediately felt bad so I ran out of his room and into mine. I slammed the door shut and flopped onto my bed and I fell asleep surprisingly fast.

I wake up when I hear throwing up. I hesitantly go to open my door praying he forgot that I slapped him yesterday.
I open the bathroom door and he looks up at me with a smile. I smile back.
Oh thank god he forgot.

"How are you feeling?" I ask rubbing his back while he hovers over the toilet.

"Do I look ok," he smiles sarcastically.

"Well im going to the coffee shop do you want anything?" I say stand up form the bath tub.

"The usual," he says and continues to throw up.

I go down stairs and grab my purse. I look down at my outfit and realise im in my pajamas.
I quickly run up stairs and change into some skinny jeans, brown boots and a creme sweater. I quickly pull my hair into a messy bun and run out the door.
I get to the coffee shop and order mine and Camerons coffee.
I sit in a nearby booth and wait for them to be made.

"Is this seat taken?" Someone asks.

"No," I say still looking at my phone.

"Whats your name?" The person asks.

I finally look up and I sit there stunned he his gorgeous.

"El- Eleanor," I say finally regaining my confidence.

"Well hi Eleanor im Jack," he smirks at me.

"Even though we just met is it totally crazy if I ask you on a date later?" He smiles.

"Yes," I smile waiting for his reaction.

He blushes out of embarrassment.

"But im pretty crazy too so yes I would love to go on a date with you," I smile.

A sign of relief washes over his face I give him my number and right after my name was called for the coffee so I got it and waved goodbye to him and drove home.

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