Chapter 13

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Camerons P.O.V.
"Listen Cammy I have some bad news," Serena smirks.
"Dont call me Cammy I have a girlfriend," I say leaning up on my bed.
"Not for long," she smiles.
"What do you mean not for long?" I day confused.
"You see we ran into a little problem you and I," Serena says.
"Serena cut the bull shit your freaking me out." I say breathing heavier.
"Cameron im pregnant," she says looking at her hands.
I stand up I feel like im gonna puke. Everything is spinning then it clicks.
I run next door to her room she isnt there. I look down the stairs and I see her turning at the bottom. I bolt down the stairs and out the front door I see her running down the street so....
I tackled her.
"Cameron get off of me," she says while trying to get out of my grasp.
"You still love me right?" I say looking at her.
She dosent look at me.
"Eleanor look at me!" I shout.
She flinches cause I raised my voice.
"Eleanor, please," I say laying my head on her chest.
"Do you still love me?" I sob into her chest.
"Cameron get off me," she says quietly.
"Im so sorry," I say getting up.
I help her up.
"Cameron of corse I love you," she says tilting my head up.
"But I also know... Cameron your going to be a Father to a beautiful child I mean look at you and Serena. Serena is gorgeous and Cameron your so damn hot," she laughs.
"But I dont want a kid with Serena I wanted a kid with you! I mean your so bueatiful your tiny hands, your bueatiful blue eyes and your perfect smile I want that not Serena I want you Ella I want you," I sob.
"Cameron you and I both know what it is like to grow up with out a father, do you really want that for your kids," she says searching for a response.
"But I want you," I say looking up at her.
"I will be back soon, I promise," thats when I notice the backpack on her back.
"Your leaving me?" I ask her.
"I just need to go think about some things," she says holding my hand.
"Your going to go think if im really worth it?" I say I know her to well I knew that was exactly what she was going to say.
"Ill be back soon," she smiles.
"Where are you going to stay?" I ask
"An old friends," she smiles.
"I love you," I say pulling her into a kiss only for her to turn her head for I kiss her cheek.
She smiles and walks off are hands slowly separating. Finally she walks off I watch her walk all the way to the end of the block till she turns.
I walk back inside and head upstairs to go deal with Serena.

Ella's P.O.V.

I walk up to the porch and ring the familiar doorbell. A lady in her late 30's answers the door.

"Hi Mrs.Cutosky, is Tony home?"

Oh my god He's back.......
Sorry for suck a short chapter.

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