Chapter 3

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After about an hour at the party Tony wandered off to the bar where his friends were while I waited back and stayed with my "friends"...
"I wish Cameron was here I say to myself lightly sipping on the foul liquid that resides in my cup. My face scrunches up because of the taste.
"Yeah so I'm done with that..." I say as I try to set my cup back down on the side table. When I was turning around I ran into someone spilling my drink all over them and slightly on myself.
"I'm so sorry-," I begin to say that is until I noticed who it was.
"Serena..." I grit through my teeth.
"UGH! You bitch!" She yells at me causing me to flinch slightly. If this was anyone aside from her I probably would be crying by this point. But my hatred I feel towards her masks all my intrivertedness and causes me to stand my ground, thankfully.
"Sorry about your skimpy fashion nova dress... I think it looks better this way," I spit. Serena and I have never gotten along especially ever since she tried taking my bestfriend from me... after bickering with her for a while and causing all attention to be brought back to us. Tony stumbles back over to me.
"They hell Elanore?" Tony slurs at me, "what is it now?" He asks.
"Little miss prissy over here spilled her drink on me purposely!" Serena coo's at Tony.
"Eleanor did you really?" Tony actually asks me. What a dumbass...
"What no I didnt!" I yell at Tony. Partially because I was still angry with Serena but also because he questioned my actions.
"Come on babe. Come upstairs you're embarrassing me" He slurs with an annoyed look while tugging on my arm.
"No im gonna kick her ass and then yours for being a dick." I say and turn back around to talk to Serena.
Tony then pulls on the back if my hair. "When I tell you to do something you do it." Tony says grabbing me and dragging me upstairs.
I pull out my phone and text Cameron really quickly.

"Tony... I'm sorry for embarrassing you in front of everyone..." I say once we enter the room.
"Its just you know we don't get along ever since she dated Cameron," I say looking up at Tony and hugging my arms closely to me.
"God do you ever shut up about him!?" Tony snaps at me.
"I'm sorry... it's just Cameron and I-," Tony cuts me off by covering my mouth with his hand and pushes me against the wall.
"I told you to stop talking about him," Tony glares at me. "I'm warning you Eleanor," the voice that left Tony's mouth was so deep and low it almost sounded like a growl. I push him off me and gathering my things.
"Cameron was right about you!" I shout back at him. Next thing I know Tony is directly in front me and dragging me over to the bed.
"Tony! No! Please No!" I shout at him as I tug against his strength to no avail. Tony grabs my face roughly and squeezes me cheeks together.
"I'm going to make you never say his name again." Tony says to me and starts to rip my dress off.
"No stop! Tony I'm sorry! I won't say his name again!" I sob at him. Tony doesnt listen and immediately shoves his 2 fingers into me and starts to move them. I cry out in pain due to this. This is all a new feeling to me...
"Cameron! Help me!" I shout.
"What did I tell you! Scream my name instead El!" Tony says as i hear his belt being unbuckled.
"No... Tony... Please..." I sob quietly. Tony refuses to listen and shoves his full length inside of me and I cry out in pain.. Cameron where are you? Please... you said you would protect me... Cameron... Help... Next thing I know the doors bursts open and Cameron walks in.
"Cameron..." was the last thing I remember everything after that... it's all so fuzzy...

*Cameron's P.O.V.*
I was laying in bed watching That 70's Show. When I get a text from Ella.

From: Ella
Help please! AppleJacks! AppleJacks!

I jumped out of bed and got dressed faster than I ever have. I put on some ripped skinny jeans and a black tee shirt. I throw on some vans and run out the door. I get in my Car and drive towards the party.
"Please be okay El..."
I pull in the drive way and I already hear the music from outside. I get out of the car and run inside. I can barely hear myself think. I look around and I cant find Ella anywhere.
I find sim of Ella's "friends" and ask them where she is.
"Please be okay El..."
"She went upstairs about 20 minutes ago." A blonde says then winks at me.
"Shit." I mumble under my breath.
I run up the stairs two steps at a time.
I swear to god if he hurts her in any way I will end him. Once I get upstairs I start barging in rooms trying to find her I finally get to one and it is locked. I pound on the door.
"Open the door! Ella are you in there!" I shout banging my fists on the door.
"Cameron." I hear a muffled scream.
"Open the door!" I say throwing myself against it. I hear a crack then the door opens I guess I broke the lock.
I walk in and see Tony thrusting into her. I can see the tears rolling down her face when she makes eye contact with me. After seeing that I seethed with raged.  She said she was saving that for a special someone and Tony is not that special someone. No. One. Touches. My. Ella. I walk over to Tony and punch him square in the nose causing him to stumble backwards and pass out. I quickly dress Ella, atleast in what's left of her dress. I give her my jacket as something extra.She hasn't said a single word since I have gotten there. But I can see her trembling underneath my jacket. I pick her up bridal style and exit the party I put her in the passenger seat and I get in the drivers seat then drive her home...
Once we arrive home I go upstairs to her bathroom and get a bath ready for her. I set her on the toilet and go get her some pajamas from her drawers. I walk back in the bathroom and set them on the sink. She undressed and gets in the tub. She just sits there and cries.
"Cameron... I'm sorry," she says from the other side of the door. I lean my head against the door. I don't enter the bathroom to be with her since I am a man after all... and I also dont want my presence to scare her.
"Why are you apologizing doll?" I say quietly.
"I... I didnt listen to you.. and... and-"
"El," I cut her off. "You did nothing wrong, you're the victim," I say as a single tear rolls down my cheek.
"I let my Eleanor get hurt..." it think to myself.
I leave her alone for a little bit and sit on her bed.
Her phone starts to ring I look at the collar ID and see that it is Tony.
"Listen here Tony if you call her again or even speak or text her I will personally rip you to shreds with my teeth; and dont even get me started if you lay a finger on her. You will never see the daylight again. Got it?!" With that I hang up.
"FUCKING ASSHOLE!" I say lifting the phone into the air like I'm about to throw it. I stand like this for awhile until I let my arm lower and I collapse onto the floor.
"El, I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you," I cry softly.
"Please forgive me," I beg up like a prayer.
Shortly after I feel a pair of cold fingers press lightly onto my back and grip my shirt softly.
"I forgive you," she says collapsing into a hug and hugging me. I slowly undrape her arms off me and I turn around to give a soft peck to the top of her head. She flinches slightly at my actions and this breaks my heart. I walk her over to her bed and tuck her in.
"Goodnight El, I'll be downstairs if you need me," I smile softly at her. She doesnt say anything and just looks at me. I take this as my que to go.
"Please stay." She says barely audible and grabbing onto my shirt. I walk around the bed and lay down on the other with her laying on my chest.
I stroke her hair and she starts to cry.
"Hey Ella, Ella, it a going to be okay." I say reassuring her.
"N-o." She sobs.
"I was saving my Virginity for someone special. Not Tony. That day was supposed to be special for me. Now it's been ripped away from me," she cries louder.
I say nothing. I just hold her.
Eventually she falls asleep and I do shortly after her.

Sorry for this crappy chapter it is just a filler.

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