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Chapter 12

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***1 month later***
Its been about a month since my mother's funeral and since i have moved in with Camerons family. Cam has been so nice to me, I finally forgave him but we haven't gotten back together yet. Cameron wants to but I dont im scared to. I really liked him I mean I really liked him hell I loved him but how I was effected after he cheated on me scared me. I wouldnt talk to anyone but my mother-.
I was snapped back to reality when cameron hit me square in the head with a piece of popcorn.

"Wake up, your doing it again," Cam says and focus back to the t.v.

We are currently watching the fosters after lots of begging. Cameron wanted to watch Teen Wolf. But I cant sit through that again he howls with the characters.

"Oh sorry," I say looking at the t.v.

"Have you given it anymore thought, you know about getting back togther," Cameron says getting up and sitting next to me.


"Why wont you trust me, I wont hurt you Ella please-"Cameron says sadly.

"Oh just like you weren't hurting me when you were having sex with Serena!" I yell.

Cameron looks at me. I cant tell if he was angry or sad. Maybe he was Sangry?

"God damn it El when will you ever forgive me for that. I keep apologizing and apologizing what else can I do!?" Cameron yells at me slamming the popcorn on the coffee table.

"How would you feel if I was cheating on you with Tony! Or any of my lame ex's. Huh! Cameron how would you feel!" I yell.

"You know what Fuck you! Im done waiting for you to be ready for a relationship!" Cameron yells and flips me off before going upstairs and slamming his door.

I mumble some curse words under my breath and start to pick up the popcorn he dropped on the floor.

I jump at the feeling of someone's hand on my back.
"Oh My God! Sierra you scared me half to death!" I shout. Sliding down and sitting on the floor next to the coffee table.

"I was listening to your guys arguement," she says picking up the rest of the popcorn on the ground.

"Oh." I say playing with my thumbs.

"Cam is really sorry, after you stormed out that night. He kicked Serena out and told her to never talk to him again and he went to the store and bought you like 20 packages of Oreos," Sierra says causing me giggle.
"He says he wont hurt you. So what are you so afraid of El?" Sierra asks.

"Cameron was the first true boyfriend I ever had besides Tony and look where that got Tony raped me. Cameron I really really liked Cameron I even think I loved him plus he was my bestfriend and he cheated on me MY BESTFRIEND CHEATED ON ME! What did I do deserve that!" I say leaning and crying on Sierra's shoulder.

"Oh my god look at the time," I say getting up.
"I have a very busy day of doing absoultley nothing tomorrow so I better get some sleep," I say running upstairs to my 'new' room.

I plop down in my bed and I just stare at my ceiling thats when I hear raindrops outside my window.
I have a really bad phobia of Storms and since we live in California there isnt much storms here.
I pace back and forth finally I work up the courage too......

I tiptoe to the room next door I open the door a crack and peek in.
"Cameron!" I whisper shout.
"El?" Cam says in a tired raspy voice.
"Yeah. Um can I sleep in here tonight the storms scare me," I say stepping into his room.
"Yeah, sure," he says folding down the covers on the other side of the bed.
I crawl in and look at his back.

"I love you," I say.
Cameron turns over and looks at me puzzled .
"What," he whispers tiredly.
"I love you," I say looking in his eyes for any trace of emotion.
He doesn't show any emotion he just looks at me confused.
I turn back over facing away from him.
He grabs my shoulder and twirls me around faceing him with out a second to think his lips connect to mine. I smile into the kiss. We pull apart and he pulls me closer to his chest and he rests his chin on my head.
"I love you too," he says kissing my head.
"I've missed you so much," he says squeazing me harder.
I cry into his chest.
"Its all gonna be okay im here now," he says stroking my hair and we feel asleep like this.
Camerons P.O.V.
We wake up to a knock on the door.
"Uh... who is it?" I ask.
No reply.
El gets up and answers it and surprise surprise its Satan i mean Serena.
El starts to pull on her hair and punches her. Serena says something and smirks which causes Ella to stop kicking her. Ella looks at me with some type of emotion on her face and then she walks away.
Serena comes and launches her self on me.
"What the hell!" I say and push her off me which makes her land with a thud!
She gets up and gives and angry look but she shakes it off.
"Listen Cammy I have some bad news," She smirks.
Oohh cliffhanger. Sorry I haven't been updating I really have no excuse except that I have had really bad writers block. Im so sorry for all the misspellings in this chapter I had to type this on my phone and I dont have auto correct on cause I turned it off and now I cant figure out how to turn it back on. So im sorry in advance, and finally we are going to be done with Tim jumps for awhile. YAY! Anyways what do you think the news will be?

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