Chapter 17

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Once I get home I give Cameron his coffee and go sit on the couch after about 5 minutes of just staring at a wall I get a call from Jack.

"Hey Ella, so I was... um kinda- wondering if-," Jack stutters

"Sure Jack I would love to go an date with you," I reply hurriedly.

"Great I will pick you up at- let's say 7:30 ish?" He questions.

"Yeah sure see you then," I reply smiling and hanging up the phone.

Seconds later I hear Cameron coming down the stairs and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"Im going to Serena's, I have to um- go check-," I cut him off.

"On the baby," I say turning around in my seat.

He comes and sits down next to me and drapes his arm around my shoulders.

"Hey maybe I will name it oops," he says jokingly, I laugh at the name.

We kind of just sit there for awhile discussing his new baby.

Cameron looks at his watch "oh man I was supposed to be there an hour ago. I'll see you later tonight El," he says getting up and patting my head as he walks behind the couch and out the door.

"Bye," I say watching him walk away.

Why does Serena get him whenever she wants. I should be having his kid not Serena. Wait! What am I thinking about Eleanor you have a date tonight and rember you broke it off with him.

I shrug off my thoughts and go get ready for my date.

In preparation for my date I curl my hair and put on some subtle makeup. I then go to my closet and pick out a pink flowy dress its casual yet fancy, casually fancy. I put on my white heels and I eye myself in the mirror.

Damn I'd date me.

I walk downstairs and watch the clock tick the hours tick bye slowly. Its now 8:30 and Jack still isn't here. I decide that I would go sit outside and wait for him.

Its now 9:00 and a car pulls in the driveway. The car lights blind me for a few seconds so I couldn't get a good look at who it was.

"El?" The voice asks.

"Cameron is that you?" I ask squinting my eyes.

The person turns off the car and I can finally see. Its Cameron shocker. He looks extremly happy for once but I dont know why.

"Why are you outside silly you have a key," Cameron says sitting down next to me on the porch step. "And why are you all dressed up?" He asks looking me up and down. I couldn't help but blush.

"I had a date tonight but they never showed," I say putting my head on my hand.

"Their loss," Cameron says putting an arm around me and pulling me closer to him. I laugh and put my head on his shoulder.

"Well I have good news," he says looking at me I bite my lip. What? Its a habit.

"Serena is pregnant-" he says but I cut him off.

"Well I know that," I say sarcastically

"Stop cutting me off woman let me finish," he says joking.

"Serena is Pregnant but im not the father."

Look at him to see if he is joking or not. A smile creeps on my lips. I dont think twice about my actions. I slam my lips to his he is taken back by my actions for a moment but then soon realizes and kisses me back. He smiles into the kiss and I cant help but giggle. cheesy alert here it comes... I felt fireworks explosions I was so happy I missed him so much. There it is... we pull apart and breath cause were human and we need air to breathe.

"Cameron-," I say breathing heavily.
"If you arent the father then who is?" I ask looking at his big brown eyes filled with pure joy and happiness maybe a little bit of lust.

"He showed up an hour later after I left he had brown hair brown eyes. Tall very tall. And oh what was his name.... oh yeah is name was Jack. Jack Gilinsky.

OOH PLOT TWIST! yay I finally updated. Who is proud of me?

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