Chapter 5

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I went and grabbed the movie from my room while cameron got the T.V. set up.
Come on El you can do it. How hard is it? You can hide your feelings... i give myself a pep talk into my vanity mirror. I look down and I see a picture of Cameron and I and 8th grade graduation. The picture shows him kissing my cheek while I hold up my diploma all giddy like.
I shake my head rapidly shaking away my thoughts.
Upon returning downstairs I notice Cameron has already found my new box of Oreos.
"Cameron!" I scold.
"What." He says startled with a mouthful of Oreos looking all wide eyed.
"I hid those for a reason!" I say walking over to him to take the Oreos.
"What are you doing!" He shouts grabbing my hand and letting a few Oreos slip out of his mouth.
"Im taking my Oreos back! What does it look like im doing?" I question with a slight blush dusting my cheeks. I attempt to pull the Oreos back one last time.
"No! My Oreos!" He says hugging the box. God he looks so cute.
"Ugh. Fine." I say dropping the Oreos and retracting my hand because my hand was on fire due to his touch. I put the movie in the CD player and sitdown on the couch. Cameron sits down triumphantly after me.
20 minutes later.....
We have gotten to the part of the movie where Bell and the Beast are dancing in the ballroom. Cameron jumps up from the couch.
"Give me your hand." Cameron commands.
I give him my hand, timidly, and he pulls me up really fast causing me to fall into his chest. My face flushes instantly.
"...we are going to dance." Cameron smiles softly.
"I cant dance." I say pulling back and turning to around to head to the couch but Cameron grips my hips and pulls my back to be flushed with his chest.
"Your going to dance." Cameron whispers into my ear; pulling me tighter into him.
"F-fine." I stutter turning around and wrapping my arms around his neck. We start to sway back and forth his grips tight on my hips.
"Okay. That was my foot." Cameron laughs.
I look down and try to dance while watching my feet and partly trying to avoid unavoidable eye contact.
Cameron lifts my chin up with his two fingers.
I look at him in the eyes while biting my lip. In attempt to hide my nerves.
"Stop doing that." Cameron says looking at me.
"Stop doing what." I ask taken back.
"Stop biting your lip." Cameron says.
"Why?" I ask confused.
"Cause im trying really hard not to fall in love with my bestfriend, and it makes it even harder when you keep biting your lip like that." He says blushing in agony.
I smile and look at him.
"You like me?" I say smiling a giddy smile.
"Well I... " cameron starts.
"Kiss me." I cut him off.
"Well- wait what?" He says shocked.
"You heard me I said kiss me." I smile.
Cameron smiles then leans in. I lean in to. Cameron crashes our lips toghter. I dont mean to sound cheesy but fireworks. Fireworks everywhere.
We pull apart cause we are human and have to breathe. I start to laugh.
"Why are you laughing?" Cameron says embarrassed.
"You taste like Oreos!" I laugh causing him to laugh too.
We sit back down in the couch and finish the movie. When I say finish the movie I mean Cameron finshes the movie I fell asleep in the middle of it.
After the movie was fished I felt arms around me and pick me up bridal style.
They carry me to my room and set me on the bed. I knew it was Cameron. He starts to walk out.
"Stay." I whisper.
Soon I feel the bed dip down beside me and two strong arms pull me into him. I snuggle into his chest and listen to his heart beat. I slowly drift off to sleep.
Sorry for a short chapter I needed to write this really quickly. Chapters will get better I promise.

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