Chapter 10

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******* A Week later*****
Ella's P.O.V.
I woke up and did what I have been doing for the past week. I look into Cameron's room. I see he is still sleeping. I haven't talked to him ever since he still texts me every night saying qoute and, I qoute Goodnight Love. I never reply what amni supposed to say. Fuck off? Yeah I have thought of that but I dont. Every day he comes over and knocks on the door my mom answers it and says im not home. What would I do without her. I feel bad though because when he gets home he looks at me through the window, and im not supposed to be home. I basically lied right to his face. But I dont know why I feel bad he cheated on me with Serena his first. He drops of presents which are usually Oreos and roses you know the usual. I was erupted from my thoughts when I heard a knock on my door.
"Go away." I say curling up with a bear on my bed.
"Cameron is here to see you..... again." My mom says poking her head in my room from behind the door.
"Tell him to go away...... again." I day mocking her.
"But honey...." my mom says pitifully.
"I made it very clear I dint want to see or speak to him ever again." I say pursing my lips to keep from crying.
"But sweetie... he slept on the porch last night. He really needs to see you. Gina is getting worried about him. " she says.
I lean up from my bed.
"Wait didn't it rain last night?" I ask.
"Yeah." My mom says looking at me.
"Good," I say laying back down.
I hear her go down the stairs and tell Cameron I dont want to see him.
"Just tell her.... I love her." I hear him say and next I hear the door shut.
My mom enters my room with a necklace.
"What is that?" I say leaning up from my bed.
"Its from Cameron," she says holding it up.
I examine it. "I thought I threw this away?" I say looking at it and seeing our names in it.
"Well Cameron must of gotten it from the trash." She says setting it on my night stand and she leaves my room.
I look over in Camerons room and he is looking at me. I get up and shut my curtains. I look back out of them and his face is burried in a pillow. And his back is rising and falling like he is crying. I feel really bad. Even though he cheated on me. I need my bestfriend and he is hurting.
I get up and take a quick shower. I throw on some shorts and a sweatshirt. I pull my hair in a ponytail and I grab my phone. I walk downstairs.
"Where are you going?" My mom asks from the kitchen.
"Cameron's," I simply state.
"Good Gina is getting worried." She says as I open the door and leave.
I walk over to Camerons.
I knock on the door and Sierra opens it.
She looks at me puzzled. "Ella why are you here?"
"I should ask the same." I say hugging Sierra.
"Im here cause Gina is worried about Cameron she thought I could help." She says hugging me.
Gina walks in and hugs me.
"Thank god your here im so worried about Cameron he dosent talk to anyone anymore." She says hugging me.
"May I see him?" I aks walking inside.
"Oh please do he is in his room." Gina says stepping out of the way for me to go upstairs.
I walk upstairs to Camerons room and I hear muffled sobs. I open up the door barely and I see his face is still in his pillow.I walk closer and I see his bed is covered in all the scrap books I threw away. I pick one up and I see Cameron kissing my cheek when we were like 7. I set it down and walk to the other side of the bed where cameron is laying. I put my hand on his lower back. I sit down on the edge if his bed.
"Mom I do-nt wan-t to talk-k about it," he chokes.
"Im not your mom," I say tangling my fingers in his hair.
He leans up and looks at me his, eyes get wide.
"Elanore, what are you doing here," he says sitting up and shutting all the scrap books. I quickly notice that he used my full name not my nickname. He actually listened... if he is doing what I asked why does it hurt...
"I came to see my bestfriend in need," I laugh coldly sitting on the other side of his bed.
"Now go to bed, my porch couldn't of been that comfortable." I laugh flipping through my scrap book.
"No, I want to explain," he says taking the scrap book from me.
"Cameron I dont want to talk about im trying to forgive you for that night and I don't want to go back to it." I say laying his head on my lap and looking at him.
"No Cameron I dont want to talk about it." I say playing with his hair.
"It was a sign were bestfriends thats all we should ever be." I say looking at him and his expression drops.
"But I dont want to just friends I love you," he says grabbing my hand.
"And I loved you Cameron I loved you so much and you broke me my bestfriend broke my heart, I don't know if my heart could handle loving you again," I say as a tear rolls down his cheek.
"I was trying to protect you," he says putting his hand on my cheek and wiping away the tears I didn't notice were falling .
"From what herpes?" I ask sarcastically.
He gives me an annoyed look." it was Tony now that I think about it I think it was just a joke. Serena didnt want me happy," he says sitting up and pulling me on to his lap.
"Serena came to me about a month ago, she said Tony was gonna do something to you if i didnt you know- ," Cam says cupping my cheeks. I push his hands off.
"Thanks for your protection cameron but I can take care of myself." I say crawling off his lap.
"And I knew I didnt want to know the truth because that hurt more than what I saw... have you been really doing this for a month? Is this why you've been so distant!?" I say as my voice gradually rises. I push myself off him and walk to the door not wanting to hear his excuses.
"El, please dont go," he begs "I miss you," he says tearing up.
"I only came over here cause your mom was worried and so was your sister I didnt crawl back Cameron I was forced im not ready to forgive you fully yet you still cheated on me you broke my... heart.... worse than Tony," I say walking towards the door.
"One more helpful tip dont trust skanks let alone lose your virginity to one." I say to him.
"At least i lost it willingly." Right after he said that his eyes grew wide and he instantly regretted it.
"El i-," he says getting up and walking over to me.
"Fuck off," I say now seething with so much rage I start to cry. He immediately jumps out of bed and races over to me. He grabs me by the shoulders as I continue to try to break free.
"El- stop trying to avoid me!" He shouts.
"I said fuck off!" I yell finally breaking free and making it all the way outside his house before I break down... all my pent up emotions seem to come out all at once.
"El I didnt meant it. I shouldn't of joked about that im sorry." He says standing in front of me.
I start to punch him in his abs over and over again but it clearly dosent hurt. So I say the only thing that I know can hurt him:
"I hate you, i hate you, I hate you, i wish i never gave my heart to you... I trusted you... and you hurt me more than Tony ever could of. I see him flinch at every word I say. A dark part of me likes to see him writhe in pain at my words. I want him to experience what I had to go through... I want him to hurt... these dark thoughts almost consumed me but I got a phone call pulling me out of my trance.
"Hello?" I ask.
"Yes is this Eleanor Daze?" The person asks.
"Yeah whats wrong?" I ask scared Cameron gives me a worried look.
"Im sorry but your mom has been in an accident please get to the hospital as fast as possible." Then the line went dead.
I start to cry and Cameron pulls me into a hug. I cry in to his chest as he strokes my hair.
"Come on we need to get to the hospital," Cameron choles out picking me up and carrying me to the hospital to see my mom.

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