Chapter 8

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I wake up at 2 a.m. from a text from Cameron.

Hey. ;)


WoW cAlm down on the caps girl. :|

Your so irritating! Anyways what do you want!?

I want you to come over

At 2 a.m. in the morning! Cameron seriously?

Please baby girl!


I text him back and throw my hair in a messy bun and I put on some spandex and a t-shirt. Lastly I grab my glasses and my phone.
I open up my window very quietly and exit. Luckily my mom didnt hear me.
I walk over to Camerons house. (Its just next door.) I climb up the vine next to his room and get on his roof. I knock on his window and he opens it up.
"Baby!" He says pulling my into a giant hug.
"Someone miss me?" I say sarcastically.
"Yeah! I had a really bad dream. But it was just a dream your okay." He says kissing all around my face.
He picks me up and throws me on the bed and lays down on top me.
"Get off me you fat ass," I say pushing at him.
"You deserve an award for putting up with me," he says looking up at me.
"Yeah you can be an ass sometimes," I say poking his nose.
"That was not what you were supposed to say," he says leaning up and looking at me.
"Oh then tell me what was I supposed to say," I smirk.
"You should of said 'baby you are my reward'," he smiles laying his head on my lap.
"I'll rember that," I say looking down and playing with his hair.
He stares into my eyes.
"What?" I smile.
"You're beautiful," he says putting his hand behind my neck and pulling me down towards him.
We kiss at a slow passionate rate for a while until he leans up and hovers over me. We continue to kiss it getting rougher and rougher. He trails his kisses down my jaw to my neck. I run my small cold hands up his back and grib his hair slightly tugging at it which causes him to groan.
I tug at the bottom of his shirt signaling him to take it off which he gladly does. I run my hand down his abs a couple of times before working up the courage to reach for his sweatpants. I tug at them and he slides them off leaving him in his boxers. He kisses back up my neck to my lips we pull apart and he slips my shirt and spandex off. Which causes me to shake slightly in fear because of what happened last time with Tony... but this, this is Cameron he would never hurt me.
"Ella," he mummbles softly.
"Ye-ah," I stutter.
"I can't," he says disconnecting his lips from my neck and laying down beside me.
"You can't what?" I ask shocked.
"I can't have sex with you. At least not here or now," he mumbles.
"Why?" I ask rolling over and straddling him.
"I can tell you're scared..." he says avoiding eye contact.
"I am scared," I say looking directly into his eyes. I can tell I caught his attention this time because he looks into my eyes.
"But I also know you would never hurt me Cameron," I say gently placing my hand upon his cheek tenderly.
"I would never hurt you." Cameron says grabbing my hips and squeezing them slightly.
"So please Cameron I want to experience what this is like with someone I love..." I say letting s single tear slip down my face.
"El, are you sure about this?" Cameron asks wiping away the tear I let fall. I nod my head and glance up into his eyes.
"I won't hurt you," Cameron says flipping us over to where he is now hovering above me.
He gives me a quick peck to my forehead.
"I could never hurt you."


Cameron crashes his lips against mine eagerly. I kiss him back passionately. But I wanted to tease him... I wouldn't let him get me that easily.
"El." Cameron says pushing his arms upward to where he is now in a push up position above me.
"Let me have all of you," Cameron says with lustful eyes. I smile excitedly and bite my lip in the process.
"God if you keep being this cute I won't be able to control myself." Cameron says looking down at his clothed member. For the first time I look down at Cameron's hard on.
"God you're huge Cam," I say reaching for his member and whispering in his ear.
Next thing I know Cameron is pulling at my clothes trying to take them all off.
He rips my shirt off first taking his time to look at my boobs hungrily.
"I could eat you up." Cameron says pulling my torso upward for he can unclip my bra with one hand.
"I forgot how expierneced you are in the arts," I laugh dryly. Yet still impressed by his techniques.
"I'm actually nervous," Cameron laughs looking up at me. While doing so I tear my eyes away from his lustful hungry ones and notice the bright pink tint on his cheeks.
"I am too," I say placing my shaking hand on his cheeks. He then grabs my hand in Hope's if steadying it.
"I'll take care of you," Cameron says kissing my hand and slowly moving down to my waistband.
He rips my pants off in one swift motion giving a quick kiss to my heat.
"All mine," Cameron says licking his lips before giving one swipe of his tongue on my slit.
I gasp in surprise.
"Baby you're already so wet for me," Cameron says running his finger along my clit. I blush in embarrassment. Cameron is so different to how he is now. In the beginning he was so gentle but now he is a total sex God. I see why girls fawn over him.
Cameron noticing my state decides to delve his tongue deeper into me licking faster.
"Cameron...!" I moan out grabbing his hair and pulling. I then feel Cameron moan into my clit.
"That's right baby girl call out my name," Cameron says whild inserting a single finger into me while licking my clit.
"CaMeron!" I slightly scream when I feel 2 more fingers enter me.
"I love seeing you as a moaning panting mess baby. But, this isn't even the best part." Cameron says running his hands all over my body and they eventually stop once they found their way to my boobs.
"Cameron...," I pant, "Don't make me wait any longer." I say placing a hand on his chest.
"Are you sure about this babygirl?" He asks slowing pulling his boxers down releasing his member.
"I'm positive," I say biting my lip while eyeing him in all the right places.
Cameron then reaches over and locates his wallet on my dresser. He opens it up swiftly pulls out a condom.
"Gotta practice safe sex baby," Cameron smirks.
"More like I don't want any diseases," I say letting out a small chuckle as his smirk falls into a mischevious smile.
"My babygirl should know, that she should never back talk," Cameron says while sliding the condom onto his member.
"Ready El?" Cameron asks gently for the first time since his sex God mode turned on. I nod my head in agreement biting my lip.
I then feel Cameron slightly put the tip of his member in very gently.
"Nhm!" I cry out slightly biting the back of my right hand while the left digs into Cameron's shoulder.
"Here baby girl, I'll be gentle," Cameron says picking the back of my head up slightly, "bite here baby don't hurt yourself," he then angles my head towards his right shoulder gentle stroking my hair.
Cameron pushes a little deeper and I dig my teeth into his shoulder.
"Almost there baby," Cameron says finally pushing all the way into me. I let out a breathy sigh as he gives me time to adjust. I lean my head back against the pillow and a few tears leave my eyes due to the pain.
"Its okay baby girl, I won't hurt you, it's me Cameron, I could never hurt you." He says as he kisses my tears away.
"Cam... you can move now..." I say weakly lacing my fingers into his hair.


Cam sets his hand on top of mine and smiles softly at me.
"Eleanor I love you." Cameron says leaning down and kissing me.
"I love you too Cameron," I say becoming fully abmersed in the kiss.

Wow this is my first ever smut!
Anyways I have lot planned in these upcoming chapters. So watch out! ;)

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