Chapter 19

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When I wake up and look over at Cameron he's no longer there. I get up and head downstairs to see Cameron making breakfast. I yawn and go sit on the counter next to him.
"Morning sunshine," he says smiling up at me.
"I thought you couldn't cook," I say looking at the pancakes on the stove.
He just smiles and puts the last pancake on a plate, and fixes me a plate. He hands it to me and I eat it on the counter. Cameron just stares at me and laughs.
"What?" I ask with my mouth full of pancakes and furrowing my eyebrows at him.
"You have been eating those pancakes for 45 seconds and you already have it all over you," he laughs.
I laugh and wipe my face with my hands. Cameron walks over to the dinner table and grabs a napkin the walks back over to me. Im sitting on the counter so he stands between my legs. He holds the napkin up to my face but then pulls it back down. His eyes flicker from my face to the napkin rapidly. Soon I see a smirk form on his lips. I give him a confused look. He then looks at me with a sweet smile then grabs my face and starts LICKING ME?!
"Cameron!" I shout in disgust.
He stops licking me and gives me a cheeky smile. I look at him angry.
"I hate you," I say wiping my face with his shirt.
"You love me," he says smirking In front of my face
"Hate," I say smirking back.
"You love me," he says his smirk dropping and he moves closer with his hands on my thighs near my butt. I get chills.
I can't speak I just nod. He smiles at me then slams his lips on mine. I move my hands to his hair and and tug on it. He slides his hands underneath my shirt and rests them on my hips. I tug on his hair causing a low groan to escape his lips. He works his way from my lips to my neck causing me to moan and wrap my legs around him. He bites on my neck making me almost positive that he left a mark. I bite my lip trying to hide my moans. He pulls away from my neck and smiles up at me. He runs his hands through my hair and tucks a piece behind my ear. I blush at his actions.
"Let's leave," he says looking at my hair.
"What do you mean," I blush looking down.
"I mean lets get out of this place; we graduated and my modeling career is starting to take off. Let's move away from here," he says looking me in the eyes smiling.
"Are you seriously considering running away Cam?" I ask staring back at him.
"Yeah I mean we have the money my mom would understand.... so is it really running away?" He says to me placing both his hands on the sides of my face.
"Okay." I say pulling his head back down to mine for another kiss.

Ooooo they're running away toghter.
Sorry I haven't updated school just started and o have already had to write an essay yippee!!! (Note the sarcasm)

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