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Chapter 2

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"Cameron you know we have a door right?" I ask laughing.
"There over rated." He says walking out my bedroom door probably to my kitchen. He always does that. Right when he gets here he goes downs stairs and gets a juice box and then he raids my fridge.
After Cameron was done raiding my fridge he comes into my room with Oreos and Chips along with a juice box.
"Satisfied?" I sarcastically ask.
"Very." He says walking over and plopping down on my bed.
"Well since you are here what do you want to do?" I ask reaching for an Oreo.
He slaps my hand. " No!" He says looking at me.
I lean my hand in again. "Noooooo." He screams as I move my hand towards the Oreo not breaking eye contact with me. I do that over and over again till I get close to the Oreo box and he bites me.
"Ow Cameron. What was that for!" I yelp pulling my hand back looking at the teeth marks in my skin.
"No one touches my Oreos." He sasses.
"But there my, Oreos I bought them." I say examining my hand.
"That's beside the point." He says eating another Oreo.
"Does this look infected to you." I say jokingly putting my hand in front of his face.
"Hah very funny." He says pushing my hand out of his face. *my poor hand has been hit a lot today*
"Anyways what do you want to do today." He asks again.
"I'm probably going to the doctors. Seriously I think you hand is infected." I say jokingly.
"No but seriously, what do you want to do the rest of the night." He says propping up on one elbow facing me.
"I don't know about you but I have a party tonight." I say getting up.
"Can I come!" He says excitedly.
"No." I say walking it my closet.
"Why not." He whines laying back down.
"Cause." I say pulling out a dress and looking in the mirror with it.
"Ugh. Is Tony gonna be there." He complains sitting up.
"Yes." I smile turning around showing Cameron the dress I plan on wearing.
"First off. I hate Tony and you know I don't trust him so therefore I have to go there with you if he is there. I don't want him doing anything to you and, Secondly; are you trying to go there slutty. I think you got ripped of on the dress there is hardly any fabric." He says breathing heavily after his "speech".
I hang the dress back up and sit next to Cameron.
"I know you don't like Tony, but we have been dating for a year now." So suck it up. I say pinching his cheek.
"What time does this party start?" Cameron asks.
"7." I say looking in my closet.
"I like that one." Cameron says pointing to the longest dress I have in closet that doesn't even show any legs.
"That's the longest one." I say looking at it.
"That's the point." Cameron says walking over to my closet and pulling it out.
"If your going to a party with Tony that I'm not invited to. You are wearing the longest thing in this closet." He says giving me the dress to change into.
He goes and sits back down in the bed and I change in to the dress. It doesn't look half bad but it's to long.
I do my hair and make up while Cameron plays on his phone. I curl my long brown hair and I put on some eyeliner I didn't want to go to heavy on the make up tonight.
I walk out into my room and Cameron looks up at me. The Oreo in his mouth falls out but he just stuffs it back in his mouth and looks back down at his phone.
"You look good." He says looking at his phone.
"Thanks, I got tips from an expert." I say ruffling his hair and laying down beside him. I lay on his shoulder and watch him do stuff on his phone he is just scrolling through his contacts and literally that boy has every girls number on the planet in that phone. It doesn't surprise me. Cameron is far from a Virgin. Unlike me who is saving it for some one special or after marriage.
I hear a honk outside my door and I look out my window Tony is here. I start to head for the door.
"Wait for me!" Cameron says getting up from the bed.
We walk down the stairs together and Cameron opens the door and sees it Tony and he slams it in his face. I kick him in the shin.
"Ow what was that for!" He shouts.
I open the door and see Tony dressed in some khakis and a white flannel with white converse.
I smile at him and pulls me into an embrace. After Tony lets me go.
Cameron walks out of my house and extends his shoulder out to hit Tony in his shoulder then proceeds to glare at Tony. I flip him off. he keeps walking over next door to his house. Tony turns his attention back to me and I smile.
"Ready?" He asks as we walk to the car. He gets in the drivers seat.
"Not going to open the door. Okay," I mumble and get in the car.
"Sorry what was that." He asks.
"Oh nothing." I smile.
He smiles back at me.
As soon as we get to the party I can hear the music he pulls into the drive way we get out and head into the house. Right as I enter I get a text from Cameron.

From Cameron:
Call/Text me if you need anything I will be there faster than you can say AppleJacks. :)

I laugh and text him back.

To Cameron:
This is why I love you. :)

I jokingly text back.

Right after I sent that text that's when the party really got started.....

Disclaumer: there will be lots of oreo references in the future I don't even know if Cameron like Oreos. So before you tell me I'm a fake fan cause I don't know what his favorite food is I do know, it's chicken Enchladasss. (As Cameron would say it) I just wanted to pick Oreos instead.

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