Chapter 15

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"Cameron?" I question as I look at the boy sitting in the living room of Tony's house.
"Eleanor! Thank god you're here I was worried sick," he says looking up at me.
"What are you doing here?" I ask with a shakey voice.
"Im taking you home," he days walking over to me and grabbing my hand." Now go grab your stuff and lets go," he says looking angrily into my eyes.
"No im sleeping here tonight," I say pulling my hands away from him and shooting him a glare.
"El, come on," he glares at me.
"Or what!?" I yell.
"You dont want to know what I will do," he says as I narrow my eyes.
While he glares at me I loosen my glare and just look at him, I have never seen this side to cameron in the 12 or so years I have known him and to be honest its scaring me.
I turn around and walk upstairs to go get my stuff.
I return down stairs and I walk outside without saying a word to Cameron and walk out to his car. Him following me closely behind.
I get in the car and he starts it and gets in. I sit there quietly and look out the window as Cameron drives us home. Once we pull in the drive way I go to get out but Csmeron wont unlock it.
"Unlock the door Cameron," I say through gritted teeth cause I beyond pissed at this point.
"Why did you go to Tony's house?" Cameron says narrowing his eyes at me.
"Unlock the door," I say looking down at the door handle while cameron burns holes through the back of my head.
"Elanore!" He shouts.
"Cameron stop," I say quietly.
"Fucking listen to me," he says grabbing my wrist.
"Cameron you're hurting me!"
I flinch at the pain cause he squeazing my wrist so hard his knuckles are white.
"GOD DAMN IT ELEANOR, FUCKING LOOK AT ME IM SO UNDESCRIBABLY MAD ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT. DO YOU WANT TO GET RAPED AGAIN!? You probably enjoyed it last time to....," Cameron shouts at me whispering the last part to himself.
I turn around and look at him with pain in my eyes with tears falling. His face softens.
"El, I didnt mean it,"he says bring his hand to rest on my cheek.
"Get your fucking hands off me!" I shout as the tears start to fall more rapidly.
He takes his hands off my cheek and wrist. I lean over and unlock my door. While his eyes follow my every movement. I get out and slam the car door. Once I get up to the front door I turn around and watch him hit the steering wheel repeatedly.
I walk up to my room and curl into bed and cry myself to sleep with those same words repeating in my head
"You probably enjoyed it...."
I made a new story cover, it looks way better than the old one I think.

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