Chapter 11

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I get to the hospital and I walk up to the front desk.
"Hi we are here to see Ms. Daze," Cameron says.
"Are you close family?" She asks.
"Well she is-," he starts but I cut him off.
"Yeah we are Cameron and Eleanor Daze," I say flatly glancing up at Cameron.
She types something in her computer.
"Room 492 to your left." She says pointing down the hall.
Me and Cameron rush down the hall to my moms room.
I open the door and Cameron rests his hands on my hips we walk in slowly and all I could hear was the beeping of the heart monitor.
"Hey mom," I say grabbing Camerons hand. Old habits die hard...
"Hey honey," she says running her hand through my hair.
Cameron grabs a chair for me. I sit down and Cameron sits on the couch across the room.
"Did you and Cameron make up?" She asks.
"Yeah, we did," I say lying through my teeth and looking up at Cameron who just looks away from me. I cant have me mom injured and worrying about me.
"Sweetie I dont know how much time I have with you. But when im gone Gina is going to take care of you." She says holding my hand.
"Mom you will be fine nothing will happen to you," I say crying a bit.
Cameron comes up behind me.
"Hey El could I talk to Cameron alone for a second?" My mom asks I kiss her head and step into the hall.

Camerons P.O.V.

"Yes Ms. Daze," I say sitting down in the chair Ella was sitting in.
"Cameron, I have watched you grow up for 12 years. I always new you were special. Ella really likes you. She dosent show it cause she is stubborn and-,"
"always has to win," we say in unison.
"But seriously Cameron when I am gone promise me you will protect her. Dont let her get hurt again and most of all please dont break my baby girls heart," she says holding my hand.
"You have always been another mother to me, thank you," I say standing up.
"Cameron I need you to take Ella home and no matter what she does get her home. You can even tell her I wanted this." She says letting go of my hand.
I leave her room and return to Ella.
"So what did she say," she asks.
"She said to leave," I say picking up Ella. She hits my back repedily.
"Cameron I have to say goodbye I might not see her ever again." She says to me.
"She wants us to go," I say as she cries in my shoulder.
I carry her home.
She fell asleep in my arms I lay her on her bed and I lay down next to her. I was scrolling through twitter on my phone when she curled up next ti me and nuzzled her head in my chest. We fall asleep like this.

Oh my god this is by far the worst chapter. But any ways this was just a filler and the other chapters will get better. The next chapter there is going to be a one month time jump. So just be ready. Also im sorry for so many time jumps. I will stop soon..... Maybe ;)

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