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My Best Friend's Boyfriend by kindlove706
My Best Friend's Boyfriendby kindlove706
Faith Carter and Camryn Mitchell has been best friends ever since they will little. They grew up together, experienced their first heartbreak with each other. Summer's e...
  • pregnant
  • faith
  • drama
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My Best Friend's Boyfriend by Zariiia
My Best Friend's Boyfriendby Zaria
Gabrielle is in love with her best friend's boyfriend....... They will grow closer but will her friendship fall apart? Will she get the boy of her dreams?
  • football
  • goodgirl
  • facetoface
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My BestFriends Boyfriend  by xxroseycutexx
My BestFriends Boyfriend by xxroseycutexx
"Ryan....." I said as I was staring into his eyes. We were inches apart and I could feel his breathe on my face. I was scared I was breathing to hard and my br...
  • dirty
  • romance
  • teenfiction
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Princess in Sneakers by emmalimes
Princess in Sneakersby e m m a
( previously known as rich kid simplicity ) Saffron Delgado is the normal of all normals. She likes getting her nails done, curling her hair every now and then, flipping...
  • secrets
  • bestfriendsboyfriend
  • teenromance
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A Forgotten Friend by fabgirl1998
A Forgotten Friendby fabgirl1998
Two friends, Edward and Rachel were separated years ago but met again when Edward joined Rachel's school. In a matter of few days, Edward became popular and gained...
  • bestfriend
  • teenromance
  • drama
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The Good Things in Life (boyxboy) (gay) by ayexdan
The Good Things in Life (boyxboy) Aiden W.
Dakota is a confident, sassy, out gay boy, just graduating from high school. He's on and off with a nice guy, but what happens when he starts to like his best friend's b...
  • best
  • confident
  • ayexdan
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Best Friends boyfriend by pets4life4
Best Friends boyfriendby pets4life4
So Callie starts getting feelings for her best friends boyfriend but what will happen when she starts flirting with the boy? Will her friendship last or will it crumble?
  • drama
  • bestfriendsboyfriend
  • love
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Forget by jackifire
Forgetby ⌜ 𝓳𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓲 ⌟
Delilah has a huge secret. She has feelings for her best friends boyfriend, Kai. But when Kai goes into a coma after a car accident and wakes up with amnesia, he remem...
  • tattoo
  • shea
  • childhoodsweethearts
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Falling Fast (Cameron Dallas fan-fic) by KittyCatCameron
Falling Fast (Cameron Dallas D. Dallas
"Eleanor Daze and Cameron Dallas are best friends or at least were." *In Editing* 3/17/19
  • wedlock
  • bestfriendtoboyfriend
  • camerondallas
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In love with my boyfriend best friend  by yuppitsinez
In love with my boyfriend best yuppitsinez
It my first story but just read
  • carlosmena
  • ona
  • hailey
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Beautiful Lies (EDITING) by leswrites
Beautiful Lies (EDITING)by LES
Layla was your ordinary teenage girl before her brother died, ever since the loss she has been going through so much. But she is about to go through so much more when sh...
  • death
  • featured
  • love
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Unrequited  by zuseth02
Unrequited by Zuseth
Bri and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. She's always been there for me, through the good and bad. But, that all changed before my first day of co...
  • romance
  • bestfriendsboyfriend
  • unrquitedlove
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I hate you, I love you- Daniel Seavey  by -seaveyxlovin-
I hate you, I love you- Daniel [ J E I M Y ]
In which she likes him, but he's dating her bestfriend @-seaveyxlovin-
  • jackgilinsky
  • bestfriendsboyfriend
  • zach
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The Boyfriend Swap. by AutumnWinters221
The Boyfriend Allie McDonough
Mickayla and Naz have been best friend's for as far back as they can remember, and neither of them would have it any other way. Now as senior year begins, the girls are...
  • bestfriends
  • bestfriendsboyfriend
  • love
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I love the way you hate me by a_confuzzled_girl
I love the way you hate meby Meggy
"How could you love something so broken?How could you fall for someone that's falling apart?" "I don't know, but I did. I fell for you." A story abou...
  • ashtonirwin
  • drama
  • romance
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Just a dare by bookreader00021
Just a dareby bookreader00021
"I dare you to steal a kiss from... her" Peer pres•sure : influence from members of one's peer group. "his behavior was affected by drink and peer pressu...
  • fun
  • theojames
  • completed
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My Brothers Bestfriend  by So_Hollywood
My Brothers Bestfriend by So Gone
  • toying
  • loveheart
  • tamiki
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Reality of Love [Completed] by syyyykaye
Reality of Love [Completed]by Kaye
There's this girl named, Aileen Ven Lim. She was afraid to love but suddenly she met the boy next door named, Jan Brett Ortiga. He was once a cassanova. But he changed a...
  • bestboyfriend
  • bestfriendboyfriend
  • loveoverfriends
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Prom Queen.....Or Not by JojoMarie26
Prom Queen.....Or Notby JojoMarie26
My name is Cara Williams. I am 17 years old and I attend Winchester High School. I am a good student and class president. I supposedly am destined to be prom queen next...
  • promqueen
  • girl
  • decisions
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