Chapter 7

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Today Cameron and I are meeting up at the mall because he wanted to take me shopping. I dont know why.
I quickly jumped out of bed and took a very quick shower. I dryed my hair and put it in a little too simple of a fish tail braid. I put on some highwaisted ripped shorts and a burgundy red sweater. I put on my black hightop converse and black beanie then went downstairs and waited for Cameron.
5 minutes later Cameron pulled into my drive way. I skipped out the front door and into Camerons car.
"Hey Cam." I smile kissing his cheek.
"Hi Love." He says pulling out of the driveway.
"I learned a new pick up line." Cameron smiles at me then looks back at the road.
"Oh no." I say sarcastically
"Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you got a sweet ass." He laughs pulling into the malls parking lot and finding a spot.
"I dont think it gets cheesier than that." I smile.
Cameron laughs and gets out of the car and opens my door.
"My lady." He says holding out his hand.
I lace my fingers through his and we enter the mall.
"Where to first?" I ask.
"THE FOOD COURT! Cameron yells causing everyone to look at us.
"Cameron quite down."I say tugging on his arm.
"Only if you kiss me." He smirks.
"No." I say.
Camerom screams.
I crash my lips into his he smiles in the kiss knowing that he has won.
"Better?" I whisper looking in his eyes.
"Much better." He smiles.
"Good." I say then pinch his nipple.
"OW!" He yells. "What was that for," he says covering his nipple with his hand.
"That's for embarrasing me in front of the while mall." I say kissing his cheek.
"Girl.... your giving me mixed emotions," Cameron says in a goofy voice.
Once we get in the food court Cameron and I sit down and eat our panda express.
"So what did you get to- Oh Hell No!" I say to Cameron as his ex-girlfriend Serena comes up to our table. She pulls up a chair and sits down next to Cameron.
"Cammy!" She says swinging her arms around him and kissing his cheek.
I grip my napkin tighter as my glare intensifies.
She looks at me and smiles a fake ass smile.
"How is Cam's bestfriend?" She smirks.
"Well actually Serena. I'm here with my girlfriend." Cameron says looking at me as I give her the death glare.
This is usual for me every since that thing freshman year of high school.

*****Flash Back*****
"El, I think im in love!" Cameron says running up behind me and spinning me around.
"Omg really who!" I say excitedly.
"Her name is Serena Fenderson, she is a freshman just like us this year! She is coming over later if you want to meet her?" Cam says as we walk home.
"I would love too!" I say laughing cause he is so excited.
I walk into Cameron's house.
"Hey Ella," Cameron says poking his head from around the corner of his living room.
"Come meet Serena," he says pulling my arm.
"Hey im Serena," this fake ass girl with blonde hair and a perfect body says.
I shake her hand and look over at Cameron and give him the 'are you sure look' and he dosent even notice he is just smiling like an idiot.
I sit down next to Cameron he is in the middle of me and Serena.
"Well I got to go get the rest of dinner ready, I will be back," Cam says and walks into the kitchen.
"So how are you-"
"Listen here Ella. I am Camerons new bestfriend got it! Im his girlfriend. I dont want him near you. You guys act like a couple around each other.
"Zip it Ella. I want you to leave you are ruining Camerons and I's special evening I have alot planned you know." She smirks.
I get up and go to the kitchen.
"Hey um- Cam I need to go," I say.
"Why? You just got here," he says walking up to me.
"Are you okay?" He says putting his hand on my shoulder. I shrug it off.
"I just need to go thats all." I show a fake smile.
"I'll stop by later." Cam says.
"Oh no that wont be necessary." I say walking to the door.
"But I want to be there for my friend." He says kind of sadly.
"You have a new friend there on the couch." I say shutting the door behind me.
Sure enough that night Cameron lost his virginity.
****End of Flash Back****
"Of course you are silly im your girlfriend," she says kissing him.
"Thats it!" I say standing up and walking over to her.
"Whats wrong Ella? Did I do something?" She smirks.
I smile a fake ass smile and slap her as hard as I can.
She grabs her cheek and storms off.
"Thats what I thought bitch! And its Eleanor to you!" I yell causing everyone to stare at me.
"Shh," Cameron says cupping my face with his hands.
I glare at him.
"What did I do?" Cameron says dropping his hands to his side.
I walk over to my side of the table and start to pack up my panda express to go.
"You did nothing Cameron," I say through gritted teeth and grabbing my food and walking towards the exit.
"You did absolutely nothing."
"Hey!" He says grabbing my waist and pulling me into him.
"You cant stay mad at me forever!" He pleads looking down at me.
I steady my breathing.
"I just dont want to lose you," I say hugging him.
"You wont baby you wont ever lose me."

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