Chapter 18

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"Wait," I say standing up and pulling up with me. "Did you say Jack Gilinksy?"
"Yeah?" He laughs nervously.
"oh my god," I cover my face from embarrassment.
"El are you okay! Do you need anything!?" Cameron asks fast with concern after seeing me cover my face.
"No it's just, I was supposed to go on a date with him tonight. He never showed, now I know why," I chuckle.
Cameron starts laughing as well and pulls me into a hug.
"Come on let's go inside," he says sweeping under my legs and picking me up bridal style causing me to squeal.
Awe he's so cute I start to think before he does what he does next....
He throws me on the couch and sits on me.
"what are you doing!" I scream but it's muffled from the couch.
"You're comfortable," he says moving his butt on my back.
"Cameron stop!" I say but he doesn't listen.
So I did the only thing that I knew would work on this big sap.
I started to fake cry.
Cameron jumps off me with concern.
"Oh my El I'm so sorry I didn't mean to- I - um." Cameron stutters.
I start laughing.
"Wait are you laughing?" Cameron asks taking his hand off my back and shooting me a glare.
I look up at him and smile. I jump on him causing him to fall backwards on to the floor. But sadly I'm weaker than him so he just flips us back over for he is on top of me once again...
"You tricked me," he says acting sad.
I just smile. He smiles back and his eyes flicker from my lips to my eyes. He kisses my lips softly I kiss him back almost immediately. Cameron slowly starts to speed up, I pull away for air but Cameron keeps going he trails from my lips to my neck leaving little love bites along the way, causing me to get goosebumps and my face flush. He sucks on one spot longer than the others causing a moan to escape my lips, I can feel him smile against my neck then he does what I least expected. He stands up and offers his hand to me to help me up. I look at him with what the hell? But I don't say anything I stand up and fix my dress.
"It's getting late we should probably get to bed," he says letting go of my hand and walking toward the stairs. He turns around,
"By the way it was really hard for me to stop," he winks and walks up the stairs.
After he gets upstairs I hear what I expected to be his door, shut. I walk up to my room and open the door. I jump.
"... what an asshole... getting me all excited..." I think to myself as I enter my room.
"Cameron what the hell why aren't you in your room!" I shout clutching my heart.
"Before I get to that who's the asshole? And whos getting you all excited?" He laughs
"You heard that!" I say as my face immeditsley flushes red.
He just laughs at my expression.
"Now what you were saying earlier about your room. To answer your question: I like this one better it's a more calmer setting than mine," he says looking around.
"Is that your polite way of saying I'm not leaving," I say crossing my arms.
He nods his head rapidly like a little kid.
"Fine," I say uncrossing my arms "but that is your side," I say pointing at the bed and getting some clothes then I walking into the bathroom.

When I come out of the bathroom Cameron has already fallen asleep I walk over to my side.
I lay down and close my eyes not shortly after which I was expecting Cameron pulls me into his hard chest that's when I notice he is only in his boxers. I blush at the sight.
"Stop blushing," Cameron says in a low voice.
"How did you know I was," I state back being the sarcastic girl I am.
"Because I know you like the back of my hand. Now get some sleep," he says slowly while falling into a deep slumber.
I fall asleep shortly after smiling like a mad man.
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