Chapter 4

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It's been about one month since the accident and everything has been normal just not school... Everyone is still talking about it. Cameron doesn't talk about at all. He did jam his wrist after he punched Tony but now it is all better.
I woke up and got on my phone finally, it's the last day of school. Thank god. I was scrolling threw my Instagram reading comments on a picture of Cameron and I.
Whore. -Nayla
Die. -Mike
He can do better.- Maddie
Leaving her alone you filthy hoes. -Cameron.
I got off instagram after Cameron's comment and went through my twitter instead.
I got a text from Cameron 10 minutes later saying he was going to come get me in 30 minutes. I get out of bed,reluctantly. Its our last day of high school school...

Ugh! I get up and put on some high waisted shorts and a long flowy tanktop. I throw on some sandals and proceed to curl my hair.

30 minutes later....
I heard a honk outside my window. I rushed downstairs and hop into Cameron's car.
"Hey." I say as I get in.
"How is my favorite lady this fine morning." Cameron says in a cheesy voice.
"Alright I guess." I say shrugging and looking out the window.
This past month I have started catching feelings for Cameron which is not good. I can't pin point the exact moment I realized my feelings for Cameron but i believe they have always been there, even when I was dating Tony, is this something I would ever tell Cameron? No. Will I be carrying this to my grave with me? Yes. I mean he is my bestfriend that is all we will ever be and what if we get together and weren't meant to be and we date then hate each other. I wont take that risk, also Cameron doesn't have the cleanest reputation when it comes to women and I refuse to be another one of his pawns. Im distracted from my thoughts when I feel something on my thigh. I look down and I see Camerons hand. I look up at Cameron seeing him with a big smile plastered across his face. I bite my lip holding back my smile. I can feel my cheeks becoming flustered so I quickly look out the window in hopes of hiding it.
A few minutes later we arrive at the school. Cameron parks the car and I go to open it and Cameron locks it.
"Cameron let me out," I say freaking out slightly. I have goosebumps from his hand on my thigh, and I dont know if I will be able to keep my composer for much longer.
"Wait." Cameron says grabbing my arm.
I turn aroumd to look at Cameron and he is only inches from my face. My breath hitches once my eyes meet his. He runs his hand gently from my cheek to the back of my neck. I then feel his hand press against my already reddening cheeks.
"You have some breakfast leftover," he says wiping off something from the corner of my mouth.
"As clumsy as always," he says booping my nose.
I have officially stopped breathing at this point. I domt know if it is due to sheer embarrassment or the thought of him so close to my face. I start to panic and i unlock the car door. I run as fast as my little legs will carry me out of his car and into our school, I stumble with my bad a little bit before deciding to just hug it while I run. After im inside i start to walk to my first period.
"Finally silence," I say to myself sighing.
Then I hear people whispering around me.
"Spoke to soon," i mutter under my breath.
"Okay I have had enough of you guys. We are seniors! Heck we are graduating today! And you guys still are gossiping about this shit! Yes I am the girl that got raped! Get over it!" I yell and everyone stares at me.
Cameron walks over to me a little bit later.
"Okay nothing to see here. Go back to what you were doing." Cameron says and rests his arm on my shoulder.
"Sooo..... any ways there is a party tonight for all the seniors. Would you like to go?" Cameron asks. As we walk to first period.
"Nah. Im good I will probably just watch some disney movies." I say laughing nervously.
"I cant help it is the hopeless romantic in me, I'm a sucker for Disney movies," I laugh noticing my constant rambling. Also did I just try flirting!? With Cameron!?
"Then I will join you." Cameron says looking down at me.
"If you want I guess you can." I say walking into first period.
"Great!" I think slamming my bag onto my desk and burying my face in it.
"Just great."

After school.......
I walk up to Camerons car and get in.
"So what are we watching tonight?" Cameron says driving home.
"Its between Cinderella and sleeping beauty." I say twiddling my thumbs. Its a nervous habit... I cant help it...
"Why are you nervous?" Cameron asks startling me.
"What im not nervous." I say looking out the window.
"You are too. Your playing with your thumbs again." Cameron says pulling into my drive way.
"Oh." Is all I can say slightly blushing from the fact that he has noticed this about me. I get out of the car and go inside with Cameron shortly behind me.

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