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Chapter 6

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I woke up and instantly smiled remembering mine and Cameron's kiss. I turned on my side to look at him but he was gone. I sat on the side of my bed with my toes touching the cold ground.
I checked my phone before finally work on up the courage to get up and go downstairs.
Once I finally got up I headed to the kitchen and looked over at the counter all my Oreos were gone inside the empty box there was a note.

Went to go get more Oreos and some coffees be back in an hour. See you soon beautiful. -Cameron ;)

I sigh and sit down at the bar in the kitchen. 'Beautiful aye?' I smile to myself. I laugh a bit.
Moments later Cameron comes strolling through the door.
"Was up beautiful," Cam says kissing my cheek.
"I like this," I say to him.
"Like what?" He questions.
"You bringing me Coffee and calling me beautiful," I smile.
"I like you," he smiles.
"Wow! That was cheesy Alexander," I giggle. As he walks over to me.
"There is nothing wrong with a little cheese," he smirks lacing his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck.
"Nope, nothings wrong with it," I smile leaning in to kiss him.
Thats when the door opens and my mom comes bursting through it. Me and Cameron both jump back.
"I see you guys have gotten closer, While I was gone," my mom says wiggling her eyebrows.
"I should go," Cameron says grabbing his coat and starbucks. I give him the look of 'please dont leave me'. But he just smiles and winks then walks out the door.
"Im glad your home mom!" I say hugging her.
"Im glad I left, I have been waiting for ever for you guys to get toghter," she says fixing my hair.
I laugh: "Mom...., well how do I put it. We arent actually toghter," I sigh.
"Well didn't seem like it. From the looks of it you were about to smoochy smoochy," she laughs.
"Please stopy stopy." I laugh.
"Yesterday was kind of my first kiss with Cameron, we never made it official," I day sitting on the couch.
"Well Cameron is a good kid. I wouldnt be surprised if you got toghter one day. I rember talking to Gina about how we wanted little Cameron's and Ella's running around," she laughs getting up and walking away.
"Eww mom stop," I say laughing and heading upstairs.
I go right over to my phone after I get upstaira and I notice I have a couple messages from Cameron.


Pick up Beautiful

Answer me Love


I send to him and in barely a second I have text back from him.

Hey Love. What cha doing later?

Nothing. Got something planned?


Spill Alexander.

Can we go to the beach today, pretty please with a cherry on top!

Cam you know how I feel about me in a bikini.

Your beautiful! Especially in a bikini! So can we! Can we!

Ugh! You should be happy I love you.

Yay! I will come pick you up at 1. Love you!

Ya ya.

------End of Convo-----

I decides to past the time I would just take a quick nap.
I woke up to something really heavy on top of me. I look up and Cameron is hovering over me.
"Hey," I say in a raspy voice.
"Mornin," he says kissing my cheek and rolling over to the other side of my bed.
"What time is it?" I ask propping up on my side with my elbow, looking at Cam.
"Time for out date," he smiles getting up and walking over to my drawers.
"Oh so its a date," I smirk. As he continues to go through my drawers. He pulls out a red lace thong.
"Cameron! Put that down!" I shout jolting up and running over to him. I try to jump up and get it but he keeps movie it.
"We are gonna need this later tonight," he smirks as I continue to try and reach it.
"Stop being perverted." I say reaching for it.
He puts it on his head. "I am Pantie man!" He shouts right as my mom walks in my room.
Cameron rips the panties of his head and hides it behind his back, while smiling innocently.
"Hi Ms. Daze." Cameron says embarrassed.
"Hey Cam," is all my mom says then walks right back out of my room. I laugh silently.
"Oh shut up," he says and walks back iver to bed while throwing my underwear at me. I pull out a black bikini and a cardigan then we leave and head to the beach.
Once we gwt to the beach I set my stuff down and lay down.
"Ya um no," Cameron says picking me up and carrying me to the water.
"Cameron! Cam! Dipshit! Loser! Put me down!" I say as hitring my arms against his back.
"If you says so," Cameron says.
"Camero-," I dont finish my sentence cause Cameron drops me in the water.
I resurface.
"Jerk," I say punching his abs.
"Yeah maybe. But im your Jerk." He smiles leaning in to kiss me.
I jolt back. "Stop," I say harsher than I meant to.
"What?" Cam says astonished I told him to stop.
"It's just that I like you. I like you alot," I say to him.
"I really like you too," He smiles pulling me back to him.
I push back. "Whats the problem," he says with a hint of frustration in his voice.
"Its just I like you. I lile you alot and- Cameron your my bestfriend but your also a player. I see the way you bring girls home Cam there so happy then a week later I hear the same argument over and over again it usually ends with a girl crying and another smiling like a bitch cause you chose her then the cycle repeats. I don't want to end up crying cause my own bestfriends cheated on me or dumped me for another girl," I say
"Hey. I would never hurt you," Cam says lifting my chin up while looking me in the eyes.
"I love you- not like a bestfriend type of love like I really like you Ella. I have never felt this way about anyone ever. I've like you since we were in fourth grade and we kissed in that damn middle school play. I only bring girls home to try and replace you. I didnt want to think that I was in love with my best friend. But as it turns out i am," Cam says wiping away a tears I had rolling down my cheeks. I grab the back of his neck and pull him down to my level and crash my lips into his. This wasn't like any of our other quick kisses. This was a passionate one. He pulled me as close as he could for there was barely any space between us. We pull apart and I look up at him.
"Ella May Daze, will you be my girlfriend." He smiles. I nod and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him.
After about an hour at the beach me and Cameron were walking back to his car.
"Hey Cam," I say looking up at him.
"Yeah Love," he smiles.
"Guess what," I smile.
"What," he says lacing our fingers toghter.
"Im falling for my bestfriends and im Falling Fast," I smile as he pulls me close to him and we walk to the car.

Aw I ship it #Camella.
Sorry for this long...... Chapter. Like oh my. sorry for so many misspellings if there are any I was in a hurry and needed to update for update guys. :)
QOTD: School is out for me is it out for you?

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