Skinny Love

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She looked at herself for the last time that night.
She looked at the mirror and didn't feel right.
All her friends were small and pretty.
When she was compared to them she felt self-pity.
She'd go to bed feeling like she'll never be loved.
Wanting to watch down, from heaven above.
But she won't give up, she won't stop there.
Not until she feels pretty, with perfect hair.
So everyday she works for the body she dreams.
Eating less, feeling starved
She thinks it better than using a knife
To carve.
Day by day she's getting less happy
You can tell in her eyes she's not the same.
She thinks she's winning society's game.
By the time she's already met her goal
She thinks she's beautiful being skinny as a pole.
Guys come to her now, but treat her like shit.
And I know deep down she doesn't regret this a bit.
She will always be the same on the inside though.
She hasn't changed much from what I know.
But at least she feels pretty.
Only because she's finally skinny.

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