your hand

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im sorry that im not the prettiest or the funniest or smartest. I know that I am emotionally unstable, physically incapable, and spiritually weak. I'm confusing, rude, indecisive; hard to love, but loves easy. and I love you. I've given every piece of myself to you, but you can't even give me your hand.

so I've had this account for a year and I'm really proud of the outcome. I know I don't post often anymore but I love the support I've gotten. I started this account primarily because of one of my closest friends and because I was writing dark things. I guess you could say i had depression. since I've been writing on this account though, I've not been as "dark". I've filtered the things I've been following and looking at and started writing happier "brighter" things. I've stopped worrying so much. which is why I don't post as often because I can't think of poems to match the theme of this book anymore. I've been thinking of starting another book on miscellaneous poems and topics. feel free to tell me your opinions on that. but as for now I think the "dark poems" era is coming to an end.
don't forget to vote and comment. you can always message or kik me if you need to. I'm always here.
I love you guys
thank you for an amazing year
stay strong (: *

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