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I guess you could say

I'm a big believer

and all of the superstitious things such as not walking underneath a ladder,

or making wishes on 11:11,

or picking the pedals off flowers to see if someone truly loves me,

especially blowing away my eyelashes

with a wish.

although these superstitions

are hopeless

the child in me

still makes wishes

because the child in me

still hopes


frankly I think this one is sucky, but you guys always seem to like whatever I post. lol. sorry I haven't been as active, I'll try to write more :).

just out if curiosity, what kind of music do you guys listen to? I listen to anything tbh, I'm liking The 1975.

anyways, answer in the comments or something, I want to interact with you guys more lol.

once again thanks for all the support it means a lot, you people are amazing. I love you all, hope you have a nice week. maybe I'll post again today idk. (:*

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