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She goes to my school.
She doesn't talk much
And barely laughs
But I want to be the one who changes that.
She wears long sweaters in the summertime
She listens to rock music and has a dark mind.
I watch her from afar wanting her to be mine.
I know what she does when she's all alone.
Sits in her bathroom upstairs at home.
I want go there and comfort her
Take her to her room and cuddle in the comforter. [idk]
Today on the bus I sat with her
She told me about her past
And how she wants to last.
She knows she's losing in this game
Thinking of quitting
Thinks if she leaves it will all be the same.
But I told her something she won't forget.
If she left me now I would always regret.
How I watched her from afar and didn't say a word.
Wishing I could have been the good voice she heard.
Today I told her I loved her
And she started to cry
I told her I'd do the same
If she were ever to die.

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