The princess

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Once upon a time
A baby girl was born
Into a royal family
Everyday after her crown was worn

By the time she was 13
She wasn't as bright
As her parents wanted her to be
The king and queen obviously didn't see

The little princess was sad
She hated herself with everything she had.
She had no reason to feel this way
But she still was sad everyday.

Her parents gave her everything she wished
But that night
She wasn't feeling alright

So she wrote her letter
Signed it off
And with that she thought one last thought

"I hope they understand,
They loved me like I never can"

And she jumped
From her castle tower
Remembering her last hour

The next morning her parents read
Her last wish
Which was to be

(This honestly could've ended better but that's not what this book is about, now is it? Haha. I'll admit, it does sound a little girly, but what ever. I'm a girl 💁💁💁)

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